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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Switched the Flip

Quick life update in the last week since I'm the worst blogger on the interwebs.


1. One of my dear friends got engaged...and I got to plan & witness the entire thing. 
We were all on the ground with signs while they hovered above in a helicopter.
Once they landed, they came to snap some photos with us!
2. My liver was seriously tested by the amount of work events we had over the weekend.
Starting with Thursday's Christmas in July!
3. On Friday we had our quarterly off-site team building day, also known as Loco. We take a half day and pick something to do as a group. This time, we made our way to Wekiva Island! This was our company meeting prior to leaving
for loco, stolen from my co-workers Instagram. We were getting excited! :)
Winning team for flip cup & volleyball - thank you very much!
Followed by a night out on the town where my phone was stolen.
WAHH, hence the lack of pictures for everything listed above.
Whoever took my phone, I really really hate you :(
4. The CEO of our company had a Pirate Party at his house on Saturday.
Who doesn't love a pirate party with boats, floating in the river, glow sticks, live music, a dj,
flip cup & dancing? I sure can't think of anyone.
Reason #506 why I love my job: the lovely ladies!
5. After 7 extremely long months we found out that we didn't get the house. 
It was a HUGE bummer. I guess it just wasn't the house that was meant for us. 
Let the home searching commence... again!

After all the fun I had this weekend, losing my phone & a house didn't seem all that bad.

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