Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Monarch Madness

I got back from my cruise on Monday and I thought I would share my weekend with you via photos :)

It was SO much fun and I honestly got depressed on Monday when we got home. I didn't want to return to normal life. The only perk was that I got to see Landyn :)

Cruises are my favorite way of traveling. I am a girl who loves a plan and their itineraries and I are a match made in heaven. Everyday I would list everything I wanted to do for tat day. One thing is for sure, there was absolutely no downtime. I made us go to every trivia session, every show, every contest, I even went so far as going to the napkin folding class. Obviously I had to go to that one on my own, as well as Bingo, but I didn't want to miss a thing!

So without further adieu.. I give you my Monarch of the Seas cruise adventure :)
Bottle of Chard waiting for us when we got into our room :)
 Flash Mob - aka my dream
 Rocket launch from the ship, gorgeous!

Corona buckets all day
Same picture that I took on my last cruise

We've arrived in Nassau!
 Senor Frogs 

 We got to go on stage to get a shot, all because the Floridans won in the Michael Jackson dance off.

 We took a cap to the most gorgeous beach. The water was perfect.

 Our stateroom attendent, Melville, made us a swan!
 The Vikings Lounge so the boys could smoke cigars

My first time trying escargot
Always trying to make a weird face
 Midnight Poolside Buffet
 Midnight Poolside Dancing

 Shots shots shots.. everybody! 

Digital Camera Scavenger Hunt all over the entire ship. We went up & down and all around for 25 minutes straight taking pictures with every different item on the list. 

 Frozen Mudslide= Delish!
 The boys got super strong Mango Mai Tai's

With the gambling, the constant flow of drinks, plates & plates of food, the games, the shows, and the lack of sleep, I was thoroughly exhausted come Monday.

When we got home the four of us went to Chili's and it was so odd to have to pay for our food again. At dinner each night, we had 2 appetizers each and 2 entrees, plus dessert. We hit up the midnight pizza place, the midnight buffet, breakfast every morning, lunch everyday. It was a never ending food heaven.

At any given time I either had a Mimosa (morning time), Corona, glass of chard, or vodka H20 in my hand. We passed out every night around 2ish and were back up at 8 to start all over again.

I loved every second of it & I can't wait to book my next cruise :)

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm back from my cruise. We had a blast! More on that later, but first..

I'm loving that it's Wednesday and there are only two days left in the work week. 

I'm loving that Disney is open for 24-hours today to celebrate leap year. I would love it even more if I was going. I was trying to win tickets on my way to work, but after 63 calls it was an epic fail.

I'm loving that me nephew starts soccer and his first game is next Sunday. I'm going to be the crazy aunt acting like it's the World Cup every game. 

I'm loving that I saw This Means War last night and, personally, thought it was hilarious. We brought in mini wine bottles and it was perfect :) 

I'm loving that the Diabetes walk is this weekend at UCF. I'll be working the t-shirt tent with some friends. I love helping and it will be a great day - minus waking up at 5:45AM.

I'm loving that I brought alfredo linguine and a caesar salad for lunch. The cruise killed my diet and I'm just carrying that over. I'm eating everything I've missed :)

I'm loving that my bridesmaid dress came in yesterday. Now I just have to find time to pick it up!

I'm loving that we are 2-steps closer in the bachelorette party planning. Can't spill deets because the bride frequents my blog ;)

What are you loving today?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

While I'm Away..

Judging by my itinerary, it seems that I'm currently in Nassau right about now, but I arranged for a few posts while I was away :)

By now, I've probably gambled my life away, eaten more than my stomach can fit, had one too many vodka H2o's and gotten much use out of these gorgeous pools!

Without a doubt in my mind, cruises are my favorite way to travel.

I hope you guys stopped by Keep Calm & Marry On yesterday to visit me, as well as enjoyed Kate's visit on my blog :)

Since I missed What I'm Loving Wednesday this past week, I decided to just tell you guys what I found that I'm loving

 Before I get another MK gold watch, I desperately need a silver one, but that doesn't mean I can't think that this watch is too cute for words. Love the chain band.

I so badly want to do this to my hair. I guess I'll have to watch a million tutorials and still only get it to look half as good as this. Why can't I be a master at all things hair & makeup?

I just saw this and thought it was AMAZING. Like talk about living in a dream. 

This bedroom feels like it brings peace & tranquility. A feeling that I think is very important in bedroom digs.

That is all. Looking forward to sharing my cruise adventures with you when I return :)

Friday, February 24, 2012

A blog takeover!!

Hey Y'all! 

While Stephanie is out sailing the seas and getting all sorts of Tan - I decided to hijack her blog to keep you ladies company. My name is Kate and I blog over at Keep Calm and Marry on. Where I do a horrible job of keeping my readers updated on my wedding process (Mental note: I need to do a wedding update) and where I share a lot about me! I would love for you pretty ladies to check it out.

Currently, Steph and I are both on vacays (well, mines a working vacay) and thought it would be fun to switch it up and guest post for each other. We've been friends for almost 3 years. I'm sure she can tell you the exact date and time. Our friendship has grow pretty darn close because of our love for wine, reality shows, @FriendfromHS and shopping. Oh yea, we also work together and most importantly she'll be standing up there with me for my Wedding day. #truluv

Aren't we cute?

I wanted y'all to get to know me a bit better, so I put together 10 facts. Hereweeeego (love that commercial)

1. I am quite possibly the WORST driver ever! Seriously! If you saw how banged-up my car is, you would die laughing. I actually drove into my garage not too long ago. IN.TO.THE.GARAGE. How does that happen? I also have a knack for backing up into anything and everything. My license should really be taken away.

2. I'm paranoid about everything. Stephanie and I usually have conversations about serial killers, or what we would do if we were if someone came into our house. These, usually late night, conversations leave me sleepless. On a side note - Stephanie knows every detail of pretty much every murder or disappearance case! She's like a human wikipedia of doom!

3. I get kind of let-down when I text someone something that I find hilarious... and they reply back with only "haha". Come on now, that definitely deserves an extra "ha" - hahaha

4. My favorite activity is tailgating. My Fiancee and I have acquired a pretty good set-up! And, we've learned that we usually prefer tailgating over the actual show or game! It's so much more fun! I'm actually a part of a Jimmy Buffett Fan Club group and have been since High school. My mom signed us up after my parents split. 

We are ParrotHeads for life

5. I love Country Music. Out of the 6 preset radio stations in my car, 5 of them are Country Stations! Jason and I try to go to at least 5 concerts a year. I don't think this year we'll be able to make that goal, we have this little wedding and honeymoon eating up our "fun" budget!

6. I loathe vegetables. I wish I could live without them, but my wedding diet has forced me to eat them. I just expect one day to take a bite out of broccoli and love it. It hasn't happened yet! Send me your yummy vegetable recipes!! 

7. I mess up every song I sing. You know that awkward moment when your blaring your favorite song and singing along in the car with your friends (or Fiancee). Well... I inevitably mess up! 

8. I actually think that I'm a horrible listener. I zone out quite a bit, and I feel horrible saying "Wait, WHAT?" later. 

9. I'm seriously obsessed with my Puggle. I think he is the smartest and cutest dog. I mean, c'mon... LOOK at how he tells you he's hungry. 

10. I'm currently planning a wedding that just may be the death of me. I know this day will be "perfect" in  my eyes, and our marriage will be the most important part of all of this. But, gosh...This wedding planning process is a nightmare. 

Well, that's about it for me! I would love for you to pay me a visit sometime.