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Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's OK Thursday!

Some OK's to start off my Thursday.

I really enjoy doing this link-up, not only for the great people I get to meet, but I look at my day with a more optimism and that can never be a bad thing.

It's OK to have way too many things on my wish list. These items range from Temptu and a Michael Kors iPad case all the way down to a whole new wardrobe ;) I wonder what my chances are.
It's OK that I'm still part-time at work. Yes, STILL. I talked to my boss the other day and she said because we haven't gotten the 2012 budget yet, she hasn't been able to. The good news is she said she can most likely offer me a full time position at the end of February. Crossing my fingers!

It's OK that I started coming into the office earlier & currently, I'm the only one here. I find it weird that not one person comes in before 8.

It's OK that I want a new car and really shouldn't get one. I'm 4 payments away from paying off my car. I took out a 6-year loan so this is a HUGE accomplishment for me. 

It's OK that I'm ready to fast forward the day and land right at book club with a glass of wine in hand and simultaneously talking about this months book.

Has anyone seen this next thing on Pinterest? It's something that I definitely need to try.
Every January, let's go with February since I'm a month late, turn all of the hangers in your closet backwards, see above. Each time you wear an item, hang it back up in the normal fashion. In June, any item still hanging backwards has not been worn, donate to Goodwill unless you can come up with a good reason to save it. 

Hi, my name is Stephanie & I'm a clothes hoarder, and that is OK. Or is it?

I mean I literally have 2 walk-in closets, plus 1 coat walk-in closet, and 3 dressers full of clothes. My problem is that I always think something is going to come back in style & I'm going to wish I didn't give it away. 

I've got to get over that, I don't even have room to put new clothes! If that's not a reason to do it, I don't know what is :)

Yesterday I mentioned that I was mildly sore from Dancercise. It's OK that today, I'm twice as sore. I do hear that is common for people who work out, so I guess that's a good thing.

It's OK that these outfits haven't found their way into my closet(s) yet. I'll give them a few more weeks :)

I hope everyone has a more than OK Thursday :)


  1. Love the navy outfit. I'm such a sucker for stripes!

  2. Hi, I'm Morgan and I'm a clothes hoarder too! We should start Clothes Hoarders Annon. haha cute outfits tho! :)

  3. I'm a clothes hoarder, too! It's perfectly fine! lol. You never know when that pink tee that you bought in high school sill come in handy...
    I'm waiting to go full time, as well, so I know how you feel : (

  4. Love those outfits, and the idea with the clothes hangers is brilliant! I need to do that!

  5. OMG that hanger idea is BRILLIANT! I have to try that!!!

    Come visit Marriage from Scratch!


  6. JEALOUS of all of your closet space! I need it! I need to do that hanger trick...congrats on almost having your car paid off! that is quite the accomplishment!

  7. love that aqua sweatshirt.. it is comfy AND cute!

  8. If it weren't for my fiance, I would be a clothes hoarder too! Thankfully, he makes me clean out the closet 1-2 times per year. I just love clothes, and who knows when i'll want to wear that really ugly sweater again, lol! LOVE that last outfit! It makes me wish for summer!

    Happy Friday!