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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine

In honor of Valentine's Day, I decided to dedicate a post to my love.

Sweet friends, meet Justin
We met all the way back in high school but didn't start dating until after. We started hanging out back at the end of 2005, while I was very much in my party stage and he was busy being a model child.

He was shy. I'm not talking like doesn't say hi to strangers, I mean it took him MONTHS to even kiss me. I was about ready to just give up on him. He was a great guy but he was too reserved for me at that time in my life. 

Finally, at midnight on New Year's Eve going into 2006 - he kissed me!

This is a photo from that night.
(Warning: these next two photos could quite possibly be the worst photos I have ever taken)
I've always hated this picture because I was taking an orange jello shot and my teeth are clearly orange. But, it's a fun memory. I didn't think the boy had it in him, but he sure proved me wrong.

Here's another picture of us back then. Let's call it 'Take 1.' I'm pretty sure he has blonde tips in this picture. Ha, boy band material? 
We dated for a short while longer and then parted ways. We had no title so it wasn't like we had a big break up. We just slowly stopped talking. He now claims that I broke his heart, (I think he is being a tad dramatic) but at the time I wasn't looking for the good guy. I'm sure most girls can relate, I was into the guys that were ultimately (clearly) all wrong for me.

Fast forward to 2009 - I was devastated over a break up. My friend was meeting me downtown to try to get me out of the house and that she was bringing a surprise for me. Unbeknownst to me, she said the same thing to Justin. We were each other's surprise. We have been together everyday since.

I love that I have found a man that loves me unconditionally. I love that he makes sure that I know that. I love how much fun we have together and can make each other laugh so effortlessly. He is trustworthy, honest, kind, caring, and everything I've ever wanted in a partner. I'm lucky that I found him.

Don't get me wrong, the kid makes me want to pull my hair out sometimes. But, I know that he'll always be there for me and I'd rather have our ups & downs, then to have a life filled of only positives with anyone else.

To sum up this post, I'm so happy to have him as my Valentine - today & everyday :)

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