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Friday, February 24, 2012

A blog takeover!!

Hey Y'all! 

While Stephanie is out sailing the seas and getting all sorts of Tan - I decided to hijack her blog to keep you ladies company. My name is Kate and I blog over at Keep Calm and Marry on. Where I do a horrible job of keeping my readers updated on my wedding process (Mental note: I need to do a wedding update) and where I share a lot about me! I would love for you pretty ladies to check it out.

Currently, Steph and I are both on vacays (well, mines a working vacay) and thought it would be fun to switch it up and guest post for each other. We've been friends for almost 3 years. I'm sure she can tell you the exact date and time. Our friendship has grow pretty darn close because of our love for wine, reality shows, @FriendfromHS and shopping. Oh yea, we also work together and most importantly she'll be standing up there with me for my Wedding day. #truluv

Aren't we cute?

I wanted y'all to get to know me a bit better, so I put together 10 facts. Hereweeeego (love that commercial)

1. I am quite possibly the WORST driver ever! Seriously! If you saw how banged-up my car is, you would die laughing. I actually drove into my garage not too long ago. IN.TO.THE.GARAGE. How does that happen? I also have a knack for backing up into anything and everything. My license should really be taken away.

2. I'm paranoid about everything. Stephanie and I usually have conversations about serial killers, or what we would do if we were if someone came into our house. These, usually late night, conversations leave me sleepless. On a side note - Stephanie knows every detail of pretty much every murder or disappearance case! She's like a human wikipedia of doom!

3. I get kind of let-down when I text someone something that I find hilarious... and they reply back with only "haha". Come on now, that definitely deserves an extra "ha" - hahaha

4. My favorite activity is tailgating. My Fiancee and I have acquired a pretty good set-up! And, we've learned that we usually prefer tailgating over the actual show or game! It's so much more fun! I'm actually a part of a Jimmy Buffett Fan Club group and have been since High school. My mom signed us up after my parents split. 

We are ParrotHeads for life

5. I love Country Music. Out of the 6 preset radio stations in my car, 5 of them are Country Stations! Jason and I try to go to at least 5 concerts a year. I don't think this year we'll be able to make that goal, we have this little wedding and honeymoon eating up our "fun" budget!

6. I loathe vegetables. I wish I could live without them, but my wedding diet has forced me to eat them. I just expect one day to take a bite out of broccoli and love it. It hasn't happened yet! Send me your yummy vegetable recipes!! 

7. I mess up every song I sing. You know that awkward moment when your blaring your favorite song and singing along in the car with your friends (or Fiancee). Well... I inevitably mess up! 

8. I actually think that I'm a horrible listener. I zone out quite a bit, and I feel horrible saying "Wait, WHAT?" later. 

9. I'm seriously obsessed with my Puggle. I think he is the smartest and cutest dog. I mean, c'mon... LOOK at how he tells you he's hungry. 

10. I'm currently planning a wedding that just may be the death of me. I know this day will be "perfect" in  my eyes, and our marriage will be the most important part of all of this. But, gosh...This wedding planning process is a nightmare. 

Well, that's about it for me! I would love for you to pay me a visit sometime.



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