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Monday, February 6, 2012

Mason, Jimmy & Brady

This weekend was a big weekend for me. 

In a previous post, I explained Mason's story. Well I'm proud to say that the golf tournament was a huge success! They raised a great amount of money that will help little Mason and his family during the long road ahead.

We were in charge of working the 19th hole challenge. The guys had to try and hit the island in the middle of the lake and if they did, they got a stroke taken off their team.

Some of the boys made shirts as well. 
 After they golfed, we all went in the clubhouse for lunch, raffles and we got the pleasure of listening to the Doctor explain Mason's condition. Tony got choked up when expressing his gratitude to everyone for coming out, and let me tell you, I had full on tears coming down my face.It was just a beautiful day and I was so grateful to be a part of it. 

Around 3, I rushed home, changed my shirt, my mom picked me up and took my downtown to the Jimmy Buffet tailgating.

My mother has always told me not to drink and drive. She always said she will pick me up anytime, any place, as long as I call her. She would really prefer me calling her than riding with someone that has been drinking or taking a cab, so I take full advantage of that :) Plus, my Landyn came along so that was an added bonus!

For years I had heard how amazing it is to tailgate at a Jimmy Buffet concert and I finally got to experience it first hand. I was definitely not disappointed! 

People were walking around with jello shots, gummy bears soaked in vodka, moonshine infused cherries. All the parrot heads were just handing everything out like we were all family. It was awesome!

It was A BLAST to say the very least. 

We went to Tony, Nichole and Mason's house for Superbowl. I was exhausted from the previous day so we only stayed until a little after half time. We finished the game at home then watched a movie and hit the sack.

Not happy about the outcome. I mean, Brady can't win the game on his own. But, it was a good game none-the-less. 


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