Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What I'm Loving Wednesday

What I'm Loving Wednesday a favorite of mine back in the days when I blogged regularly.. I don't think the link up exists anymore but that's not going to stop me from sharing what I'm loving this week!

Here are the things that I'm loving this week! 

The boyfriend and I implemented weekly date nights and it's something I look forward to every week. Ryan has agreed to spend this weeks date night at my favorite restaurant in my hometown, Colorado Fondue. They have the best chocolate fondue and rolls in town! We're continuing our night at The Enzian, an adorable place in Winter Park that is showing Hocus Pocus on the lawn tonight! It will be one lovely night indeed.
Friday right at 5:00 pm, I'll be making my way to Tallahassee for the Florida State /Wake Forest match up. Some of my family will be going and I also get to visit one of my best friends and newest expectant mommy-to-be, Brittany. 
Insert popular e-card: All of my friends are getting married and having babies and I'm just over here like I love food and wine.
On that note, in just over 2 weeks we'll be hopping on a plane to make our way to San Francisco and Napa Valley for 5 full days of exploring. I have no doubts the trip will be filled with adventure, food and lots of wine. Amelia, I hope you and Tom are getting as excited as I am :)

Naturally I'll need new outfits for my trip and have been scouring LuLus and Tobi. My cart has become far larger than my bank account would be happy meeting and the worst part is that the weather should be relatively cool and the only pieces I've added are sundresses. Now tell me, how is a girl supposed to justify that? Realistically you can never ever be

Tomorrow, I'll be recapping our Charleston trip that I am way behind on :)

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Life as I know it

It’s time I start keeping up with this blog again. Since I’ve been gone… I can breathe for the first time.
But really, my life is a 180 from this time last year. I’ve blogged a few times during but nothing of real substance. It's time for an update of the big life changes that have happened during that time.

1. I have a new job with a company that I'm crazy about. My previous company gave me the first "real job" experience I could have ever asked for, but I got an offer I couldn't refuse and it was time for me to move on. My heart is still sad that I didn't get to bring all my favorite co-workers with me but at lest I still get to see them quite often. You're not getting rid of me that easily ;)
2. I moved... twice, actually. After jumping at the very first spot I saw in the perfect location, my landlord allowed me to switch places to one of his larger places a few streets over! I'm now living in an adorable neighborhood in Downtown Orlando called Thornton Park. And to celebrate, I got a cute new bike to ride around on gorgeous fall days!
3. I have a new boyfriend. I feel old using the term boyfriend, but I'm not jumping on the manfriend wagon so boyfriend he shall be. 
4. I have been traveling... a lot & loving every minute of it! The new boyfriend makes me face my fear of planes and has me experiencing a ton of new things. As much as I hate planes, I'm always excited for the new adventure the second those wheels hit the ground! Posts on the different destinations I've visited coming soon!
New home, new job and new guy? I'm not sure much else could change in a years time.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Back to School

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Brita for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

The time has come for everyone to do their back to school shopping! Maybe it’s just me (or females in general) but school supply shopping was what I loooked forward to every year. New pens, matching folders, gorgeously designed spiral notebook – hello happiness! Basically anything that was pink or had a fun design, I could rationalize “needing” it for school. Behold, my favorite back to school items.
 photo Backtoschool_zps980644e5.jpg
Weekly Planner/Agenda/Lifeline: How could you possibly keep yourself organized if you don’t have a gorgeous planner that you enjoy looking at? My life has always revolved around my planner and I’ve been a tad lost the past few months. I’m looking forward to getting back on track and what better way than with a new Lilly? Yes, bribing myself with things works :)

Calculator: Even if you’re not taking math, you will inevitably need a calculator on hand. This cute one happens to make calculating your grade more fun!

Brita® Bottle: The only area of my life that I'm actually healthy about is that I only drink water. Let me tell you there is nothing worse than finding the furthest parking spot and making a mile long trek to class without something to keep you hydrated. And let's face it, bottles of water are just expensive, especially when you drink multiple throughout the day. I prefer to keep that $5 a day where I can see it, in my wallet! :) This adorably designed Brita® water bottle is available at Target!

Pens: Look for the cutest pens you can find and buy those, but don’t forget to buy a pack of the pens that your handwriting magically looks better every time you use them and when someone steals your pen, you feel like you lost your first pet. I know I’m not alone on this one!

Highlighters: Probably the item that keeps me the most organized. Pink has always been reserved for fun weekend plans, while the other colors help me keep on track with bills, coursework and appointments.

Stapler: Because why wouldn’t you want this gorgeous pink studded stapler?

Essie Truth of Flare Nail Polish: Any big event is an excuse to get nail polish. Any nobody wants to see your unpolished fingers on the first day of class.

What are your favorite back to school items?
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Friday, June 13, 2014

Take me back!

One of my best friends got married this weekend in the Bahamas and I'm reminiscing about blue skies and soft sand in my toes. Days were filled with sweet friends and nights were filled with dancing and laughter, what more could a girl want?
Congratulations Brittany! If only she could get married every weekend!

Friday, May 2, 2014

5 on Friday!

I'm trying to get back into the groove of things. I've had a lot going on over the past few months yet finding things to post about are still hard while I'm sit here staring at this blank white space. A link up to the rescue!

In just under a month, I will be back to living on my own. Sure there are some monetary perks to having roommates, but nothing beats having your own private sanctuary when you need some peace and quiet. My decorating skills aren't as high quality as the genius behind the model apartment but I'm looking forward to making it my own!
One of my best friends (ohhh hey, Kate!) is pregnant and we get to find out if she is carrying a little prince or a sweet princess this Sunday! She is my first friend to have a baby (on purpose, ha) & she has already agreed to letting me babysit! I've been teasing her that I'm certain it's a boy, because she badly wants a girl. I guess we'll find out Sunday! 

Blue or Pink. What do you think?
Tomorrow is my first ever Derby party! Since I'm not a Kentuck-ian like my blog crush PinkLouLou, I've never actually been to the Kentucky Derby, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I've been watching the frilly hats from afar and dreaming of a day that I'm no longer just there in spirit.  
{RIP Jess & Nick. I still believe!}

All week I've been dreaming of Pad Thai. Have you tried this incredible delicacy from Thailand? Okay, maybe it's not a delicacy but I'm official obsessed with this dish. It's only been 3 months since my first encounter and I'm irrevocably hooked. Somehow I need to find a way to incorporate Pad Thai into my meals this coming weekend. Been far away for far too long ♪♫ (I'm fully aware that I sound like a looney tune)
Throwback to my love at first site moment with Pad Thai!
In the past weeks, I've seen social media blowing up with talks of the Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascara. Am I the only one that isn't completely sold yet? From what I've seen, it simply creates clumps (which I hate) on your eyelashes to add the "fuller" effect. I know I shouldn't knock it before I try it myself, but I'm uncertain what all the craze is about. Has anyone tried it?

That's all I've got for today.

My goal is to document my travels here next week. We'll see how I do!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Pen of all Pens!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of BIC 4-Color pen for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
We've talked about this before, but I'm a sucker for calendars, planners and lists. It's important to note that none of these would be nearly as fun to keep track of if they weren't color coded. Am I right or am I right?

I don't know about you but school supply shopping was my absolute FAVORITE thing to do every new school year. I wanted the coolest pens, highlighters, binders, etc.. You name it, I had it. Don't even get me started on my Lisa Frank obsession. Speaking of that, where has she been? Are kids still using her supplies these days? I definitely think it's time for Ms. Frank to make a comeback because she was the Lilly Pulitzer of my youth. 

Back to the point, I absolutely hated when I would lose one of my pen colors when updated my planner. Insert the geniuses over at BIC® and their awesome 4 Inseparable Colors in 1 Pen. Now I can update my calendar all without switching pens or worrying about losing one of my colors mid-month (the worst to my fellow planner/calendar lovers!) Plus, they add a colorful expression to my calendar!

Since there are 4 different colors, you can use that to distinguish what kind of mood you're in or thought you're trying to convey. I keep my calendar organized with work stuff in red because those items are typically more urgent, to-list & appointments in black, bills in blue because I definitely start feeling blue after paying those every month and I leave all of my fun stuff for green since it's my favorite color!
 photo 28f431f6-64fc-489d-805e-db6e7298cf7e_zps0edce330.png
As you can see there is a TON going on. Having it color coded really helps me stay organized!

These Bic® 4-Color™ pens can be found at Staples or Amazon! If you're lazy (like me), anything sold online gets bonus points! You can also follow Bic® 4-Color™ on Facebook & Twitter to keep up with the Spandex men on the move!
Blue likes himself. And for good resaon: he knows that he's important. Blue cheese, blue skies, blue jeans, blue moon; he's everwhere! let's admit it.. Blue is the boss. 

Red: Red likes it when things are correct. When matches are parallel and books are well aligned on a shelf. Want to make him happy? Give him some mistakes to correct. He even makes mistakes on purpose sometimes, just for the pleasure of correcting them. 

Green: Green is the jealous type. Wouldn't you be if your Red, Blue and Black counterparts were used way more often than you? He's a foodie. Such a foodie that he chronicles each of his daily meals on his social media profile. Because if you eat a meal and odn't take a picture of it, did it really even happen?

Black: He just doesn't understand... why does it always have to be about blue? He is not as fit as blue although he likes to think that he's just as handsome as he is - in a different way though. (Muscles are so last season). He doesn't like to talk about it but his natural hair color is blond. 

I'm clearly a red. Sometimes I add things to my to-do list that I've already done just so I can mark them off and feel accomplished! What color best fits your personality?

Each of the different spandex men have different personalities. See if you can spot the personalities in the videos below! BIC® actually came out with some pretty funny videos that I recommend you watch. They gave me a good laugh!

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Bachelorette Fun!

This weekend, we celebrated one of my best friends Bachelorette Party in Jacksonville Beach and it was definitely one for the books! These girls have such a special place in my heart and spending time with them is always good for my soul. 

I'll let the photos do the talking! 
The best part is that we get to do it all over again in a month for their cruise wedding. 

Let the countdown begin!