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Friday, August 31, 2012

The Nail Files

Friday has finally arrived and that means my nails are looking special for the 3-day weekend! 

My friend/co-worker/fellow blogger, Kate, filled me in on a little inside information. 

It's no secret that Essie is like God's nail polish, in my eyes. 

Imagine my sheer excitement when Kate told me that Marshall's sells Essie for $3.99. That's half what I pay now. Sign me up. 

I'm really starting to love Mauve Green so I went and got this beautiful new color called, Da Bush. 

This is my current nail routine.
Seche Vite Base Coat, Essie- Da Bush, OPI Rapid Dry Top Coat
My DIY at home mani :)
Join us if you want to show off your nail polish, or any recommendations that you have for others! :)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's OK Thursday

It's OK

...that I have zero weekend festivities planned. I'm perfectly content with that knowing how much I have coming up in the next few months.

...that I cried this morning when I found out that Guiliana and Bill officially became parents to Edward Duke Rancic. They are two of the most in love, successful, good hearted people and I don't think anyone deserves this more. After the tough year they had, I'm thrilled that the surrogacy process worked for them.
...that I've had a gift card to the mall since my birthday at the beginning of July and I still haven't used it. Who am I?

...that I constantly feel like I never have anything to wear lately. Must use said gift card to  update my wardrobe soon. Maybe I just made myself some weekend plans :)

...that I've been having a mental battle with the cut and color of my hair the past few weeks. I badly need a change, but I'm not daring when it comes to color. And my hair needs to be longer, not shorter so we may run into some problems with the cut. 

...that I'm dying for 9:00 to hit so I'm home watching Big Brother. The episode last night was insane in the membrane. 
...that I'm completely over my blog layout. I really want something with a more vibrant and bright feeling. Instead, I feel somber when going to my page. No beuno.

Link up over at Amber or Neely's blog to share what is just ok with you today :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Beauty Blender

If you aren't already familiar with this baby then allow me..
If you're anything like me, you hate the cake looking finish of applying your foundation with a brush. Sponges soak up more foundation than even gets on my face and the finish is never what I'm going for. And using your hands is just plain messy. 

After watching countless makeup videos regarding foundation, I noticed that many of them had one thing in common. 

This egg dropped sponge allows for the most even application. The shape also allows you to reach under your eyes and in the creases of your face. 

Since there are no edges it also prevents you from having any visible lines. 

I ordered it two weeks ago and it just came in. I've only used it once (this morning) but I'm already in love.

Do yourself a favor and order this pronto.

My foundation is even and my hands are clean.


Friday, August 24, 2012

The Nail Files

 On this fabulous Friday, I'm feeling extra feminine - mostly because of my nail polish color, but I'll take it!

This week I chose this beauitmus color, Miami Nice, from Essie. 
I'm literally loving this color right now. It's a bright electrifying pink without it looking like I'm a 7-year old little girl. At least I think so ;)

Happy Friday! 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

E.L.F Promo Alert

You get to pick 8 free nail polishes when you spend $20 or more on the E.L.F. website. Just use promo code 8NAILS. 

They really do have a nice color selection, if you ask me. And who can resist free nail polish?
I hope you enjoy :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Where we belong.

Not sure If I've mentioned it before but I'm an avid reader.

Reading takes me to another place.

And throws me into a different life.

It's peaceful. And who doesn't love a little peace every now and again?

My favorite author for a fun summer reading is Emily Griffin. 

For those of you who aren't familiar with her, she wrote all of these stellar books.
Truth be told it was a little hard for me to get into love the one you're with.


I'm not one to hold grudges so I'm dying to read her new release
I'd like to get one more book in before this semester starts. 

Being as that is on Monday and I have a jam packed weekend, I doubt that will happen.

Fingers crossed.

Has anyone read this one yet? 

If you have, what are your thoughts? I'd love to hear!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm loving that my friend is having a Mary Kay party tonight. There are only a few of us going so I'm excited to try the products - although I'm not prepared to spend a ton of money so I'm hoping I don't like anything :/

On that note..

I'm loving It's a website that will link all of your debit and credit cards together so you can easily monitor what you're spending. I've even created budgets for each category. 

For instance, I have a $300 budget for Alcohol and Bars. Last month, I went over that amount so I got an email letting me know that I was over so I knew to calm down. I still went $160 over but I'm the only one to blame for that. 

You can set your email preferences at whatever you want and there are a ton of fun things that you can do with this site. I'd highly recommend it to anyone that is looking to control their spending. Most of the time, I'll put something on a credit card so I don't feel like I'm actually spending the money, but this website calls you out on that!

I'm loving that I had a sleepover with my nephew last night. There is seriously nothing better than cuddling with that little guy, especially after he wakes up once because then he wants to make sure you don't leave. We both wore Elmo pajamas to bed!

I'm loving that I got a new camera on ebay after I broke mine last weekend. Just so you're aware my camera is like a 3rd hand to me. I feel lost without it. Best Buy didn't have my camera for sale so I had to go through other means of locating it, which happened to be on Amazon for $225. But then I found it on ebay for $100. I was highly skeptical but the seller had a good reputation and since I was saving over half I didn't have much to lose. She got here on Saturday and she is brand spankin' new. Me=happy camper.

I'm loving these outfits for when the sun is getting the best of us.

I'm loving Spotify. Thanks for keeping my ears happy throughout the work day. People have been recommending Spotify to me for almost a year and I was so into Grooveshark that I didn't even want to try it. Let's just say, I'm happy I made the switch. 

What are you loving today?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hello, football season!

Here we are once again on the cusp of football season. 

Football season makes me giddy like a little schoolgirl. 

I love everything about it- tailgating, drinking, playing games, camaraderie, and I can't lie, the rivalry gets me going, too. 

The only thing that can weigh down my mood is not having a festive game day outfit.

The kicker is that my heart belongs to two teams

Growing up I was an avid Florida State fan due to my Father. We despised the Gators so not much has changed in that department. My love for the Seminoles eventually brought me to Tallahassee, as well as my best friend. 

A girl just can't live in that town very long. It's like being in love with a guy who lives somewhere that you could NEVER see yourself moving. You eventually have to part ways.

 I moved home to Orlando after 3 years in Tally and finished my degree at UCF. I'll also be attending this lovely establishment for my graduate school.

Orlando has my heart, so there should be room for UCF in it, too. 

I just haven't been able to mentally get into the games at UCF. Hopefully that will one day change. 

I'm pretty sure FSU will always be my team, regardless of my Alma Mater. 

I'll settle for pitchin' a tent out on Memory Mall and sippin' chuggin' beers with friends. Doesn't sound half bad, huh? 

My cousin is attending USF in the Fall. Family weekend happens to be against FSU so my entire family is going over there for the weekend to tailgate.

Most likely, I'll be attending the FSU vs. Boston game at Florida State on Oct. 13th in Tally. 

Not to mention, I'll hopefully be attending every UCF homegame minus a few weekends that I'm already booked. 

As you can see, outfits are needed.

 Still obsessing over this dress from last season that you can find over at Twelve SaturdaysThey only have large left, bummer. Prime example of how you can miss out if you wait to long. 

All of these can be dressed up with belts, flowers and accessories. 

I'll post back when I find some cute stuff in person. Online shopping does me no good when I can't figure out what my size would be. 

What is your favorite game day go to?

Friday, August 10, 2012

The Nail Files

Since I have no idea what I'll be wearing when I go out, I knew I had to give my nails a neutral outfit to wear for the weekend. You see, I'm driving down south right immediately following work and we're going out in Fort Lauderdale tonight and I have no clue where we're going to end up, what level of dress would be appropriate, or even if it's a clutch or purse type of night.

Fun fact: This girl LOVES a plan so this is extremely hard for me. As much as I enjoy being spontaneous in the moment, I need a plan so that I have a jumping off point to what I'm doing. But that's neither here nor there. 

Anyhoo- I've decided to go with what I believe to be the ultimate neutral. 
Please excuse the glazed donut remnants on my ring finger. When someone comes into the office with Dunkin Donuts, I can't say no.  

That's all from me. Head on over to show us  your nails!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summer Style

Down here in the South it is horribly hot at this time of year. Rather than post all kinds of gorgeous outfits that are not suitable to wear right now, I thought I'd show some outfits that keep you away from heatstroke danger but still look chic.
Oh, one more thing. Have you seen this little gem over at J.Crew? Quite honestly, I've wanted it for months.
Gorgeous, yes. But it will set you back a pretty penny at $150 a pop.

Insert ebay. Sorry J.Crew, these things are going for a tenth of the price on ebay and in some cases MUCH less. Head on over here to find yours.

I'm still trying to decide which color I want to purchase, but I love them all. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Words of Wisdom

I'm a quote fanatic so I thought I'd share some today!

What is your favorite quote?

Friday, August 3, 2012

Better late than never.

Well ladies I'm almost too embarrassed to admit this but I still haven't seen Magic Mike. 

I'm not just your typical girl that didn't get around to seeing it. I was counting down the days, minutes and seconds until opening night and every day since then, I've either had plans or haven't found someone that hasn't seen it to go with me. 

A friend of mine told me that it's almost out of theaters and I could NOT allow it to leave the theaters without seeing all that hotness on a big screen.

So tonight, we'll be hittin' up the theater to see these fine young gentlemen.
Of course, I'll be sneaking in some of these..
Oh Friday, how I love thee :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

On this long awaited hump day..

I'm loving that the USA women's gymnastic team won the gold medal for the all around. I'm seriously so happy for them, not to mention extremely proud to be an American. You girls totally rocked it! #fabfive
I'm loving that the Olympics are even on right now. It's so much fun to watch and I enjoy having something different than the usual. I love my country but boy do I start to feel terrible for the people that fought their heart out and didn't receive a medal. The look on their faces just kills me. All of their blood, sweat and tears over the past 4-years (in most cases, their entire lives) has lead up to this moment and they are going home empty handed. One thing is for sure, it's HUGE to even make it to the Olympics so they should be very proud of themselves. 

I'm loving that my boyfriend and I had a fun day at the pool together last Sunday. We hardly ever get days together where we have nothing to do so we cherished it.
I'm loving that the rest of my weekend was pretty great as well. I got to spend some time with some great friends by going on a pub crawl downtown. It was a golf theme and you had to drink certain things at each bar and keep score. We had a great time. 
The only downfall was that Justin was starving when we left so we went on the hunt for a 2 o'clock food fix. We ended up at a local pizza place where I swore I would only have one slice, but we got the whole pie anyway. There were only 2 pieces left when we finished and I may have eaten more than him. Oops! Justin had to order desert, standard!
I'm loving that on Saturday I got to go out with some of my closest friends from back when I lived in Tallahassee. We all went out for my friend David's birthday and I had an absolute blast. I truly do love them so much and it was so much fun to reconnect.
My weekend was filled with old and new friends and plenty of time with my little man. I just don't think it gets any better than that!

I'm loving that I got a killer deal on my books for this upcoming semester. I needed 4 books and they were totaling $550 on the UCF website, but with and a few different book renters, I got them all for $56. Just call me the bargain book finder :) 20 days until grad school starts.. AHH!

I'm loving wallpaper on the back wall of a book case to add a little character to it. I have a old book case that looks plain and I think this is a perfect quick solution.
What are you loving today?  Join us over at Jamie's blog and let us know!

Primer substitution. Yay or Nay?

Before you think I've gone absolutely mad, please bare with me.

So I've been hearing about the similarities between some of the top primers (Smashbox, MAC, Sephora) and...

this little number
Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel. Yes, you read that right. 

I know it sounds disgusting to put this on your face, but I've read countless reviews and watched many YouTube videos from top make up artists explaining that the ingredients are the exact same. 
These well known primers run anywhere from $20-$50 and at only $6 this make up secret is sounding more enticing by the minute. Did I mention that you get more than double the product? 

The only downside is people having to see it in your make up bag. 

Problem solved.
Have you ladies heard about this before or did I just absolutely mortify you? Any thoughts are appreciated :)