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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm loving that my friend is having a Mary Kay party tonight. There are only a few of us going so I'm excited to try the products - although I'm not prepared to spend a ton of money so I'm hoping I don't like anything :/

On that note..

I'm loving It's a website that will link all of your debit and credit cards together so you can easily monitor what you're spending. I've even created budgets for each category. 

For instance, I have a $300 budget for Alcohol and Bars. Last month, I went over that amount so I got an email letting me know that I was over so I knew to calm down. I still went $160 over but I'm the only one to blame for that. 

You can set your email preferences at whatever you want and there are a ton of fun things that you can do with this site. I'd highly recommend it to anyone that is looking to control their spending. Most of the time, I'll put something on a credit card so I don't feel like I'm actually spending the money, but this website calls you out on that!

I'm loving that I had a sleepover with my nephew last night. There is seriously nothing better than cuddling with that little guy, especially after he wakes up once because then he wants to make sure you don't leave. We both wore Elmo pajamas to bed!

I'm loving that I got a new camera on ebay after I broke mine last weekend. Just so you're aware my camera is like a 3rd hand to me. I feel lost without it. Best Buy didn't have my camera for sale so I had to go through other means of locating it, which happened to be on Amazon for $225. But then I found it on ebay for $100. I was highly skeptical but the seller had a good reputation and since I was saving over half I didn't have much to lose. She got here on Saturday and she is brand spankin' new. Me=happy camper.

I'm loving these outfits for when the sun is getting the best of us.

I'm loving Spotify. Thanks for keeping my ears happy throughout the work day. People have been recommending Spotify to me for almost a year and I was so into Grooveshark that I didn't even want to try it. Let's just say, I'm happy I made the switch. 

What are you loving today?


  1. Love the outfits! I'm going to have to check out that website!

  2. I LOVE the Mint app....unfortunately, I give myself no consequences when I over-spend in a certain category...Oh well!
    The app told me that "I go out to eat too much" the other day

  3. LOVE Mint! I need to re-structure my budget and I think that is just the way to do it :) I used to use it all the time but I haven't recently.

    That second outfit is adorable! Ah, LOVE it!!