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Friday, September 28, 2012

FSU & Friday Letters

It's   f i n a l l y   Friday.
I feel like I say that every week.
But I love me some weekends.

Particular this one because we'll be en route to Tampa bright 
& early tomorrow to partake in a little tailgating for the FSU/USF game.
Oh how I miss being surrounded by Florida State fans.
It's good for the soul.

I'm also linking up Ashley for Friday Letters.

Dear Noles, I've missed you. I miss being in Nole Country to be with all my fellow Seminole fans. I miss the feeling of being at Doak watching the opening performance and screaming the chant every time we get a touchdown. Words can't express how excited I am to see you this weekend. Love. 

Dear Whatever You Would Call This Picture Below, You had me cracking up last night. And for most of this morning. The caption attached to it was "To protect your hair from your food, because getting food in your hair would look absolutely ridiculous. 
Dear Lunch, I'm not sure what I want for you right now but I'm looking forward to you regardless what I come up with. I'd say Olive Garden but we don't have any directly downtown so it's not typically something we try to do for lunch. Boo.

On that note...

Dear Olive Garden, Please adjust your locations to fit my needs.

This goes for you too Chick-fil-A, Pei Wei, Bahama Breeze & Bonefish :)

Dear Hair, You are lightening up slowly but surely. In the sun, you almost look blonde. 
If there are still any questions relating to the long term debate, I can tell you that from my experience.
Blondes DO hair more fun.
Here is a comparison for Wednesday to Friday.
My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy but I see a difference.
Wishful thinking perhaps?
What do you think?
Dear Landyn, You are the best thing that has ever happened to not only me, but our entire family. I love you to pieces. 

Have a lovely weekend! :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hair don't.

My hair day was an epic fail. 
I was truly SO excited for this appointment.

My hair stylist really is amazing.
In honor of Fall, I wanted to do something a little different. 
Something that looked beautiful on others,
but was not right for me. 
I wanted a ton of low lights. 
I didn't notice how dark it would be until I got home dried it. 
I leave with it wet every time because my hair is supa dupa thick. 
She told me last night that it's the thickest hair she has ever worked with.
That shit cray. 

After receiving exactly what I thought I wanted,
I spent the rest of the night crying.

How shallow, I know.
There are people with much bigger problems then the color of their hair.
But every time I look at it, I get upset all over again.

As much as I don't want to, I'm thinking about asking if
she has time this week to just throw a few more highlights in at the top.
Maybe that will make me feel better?


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hair Day!

I've been waiting for this day for the past 2 weeks. 
It's bleach my brand new baby hairs day!

You see, I typically get my hair done every 4 weeks-ish.
This time, I've waited 6 weeks.
Where has the time gone?

Last week, my Mom looked at me and said 
"Dang Stephanie, you really need your roots done.
I've never seen them that bad."

WOAH Mom, what?

My Mom is my biggest fan.
So if my Mom is telling me that I need to get my hair done, then it must be true. 

Imagine my disappointment when I found out my hair dresser was going
to Vegas the very next day and wouldn't be back until yesterday. 

Five long days later and 2 more comments from my Mom over the weekend 
&& I've made it to hair day :)

In honor of Fall, as well as wanting a change for awhile.
I'm adding a ton of lowlights. 

I wish I wasn't too scared to go brown, 
but that will most likely never happen. 
It just wouldn't look good on me - unfortunately. 

As far as color, this is exactly what I'm going for today.

I'm hoping she can cut my hair longer & add layers just like the ones above.
Possible? Well no.
But I'm getting closer to that length.
Maybe next time?

Does anyone else get this excited for their hair appointments?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Costume Ideas

It's that time again.
Time to get our creative juices flowing to find the perfect Halloween costume. 

My Sister, Nephew and I are dressing up as Mario, Luigi and Toad for trick or treating. 
At work, a small group of us are doing our take on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
The last thing I need to figure out is what Justin and I will be for a Halloween party we have the Saturday before Halloween. 

So far, I've only found two options. 

1. Wayne & Garth from Wayne's World
The first, I thought would just add some humor to the night. Plus it would take very little effort to create. 
2. Mr & Mrs. Potato Head
This would be fun and could be completely homemade. Just don't know if it's as creative as I'd like it to be. 
I've only just started looking so those are my options so far.
Anyone have any creative couple costumes that they've done in the past?

Friday, September 21, 2012

Spirit Week!

Yes, just like in high school.

To celebrate the Anniversary of our company, every year we have a spirit week.
Each day has a theme.
And a winner.
Competition is fierce. 
Of course, you don't have to participate. 
But where is the fun in that?

I don't try to go all out for every outfit, but I do like to join in on the fun.

Here are some photos from each day of the week :)
Don't let all the fun fool you.
We worked our butts off this week for a big launch.
We're totally looking forward to the weekend! :)

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Oh, how Pinteresting!

Pnina Tornai dress. To.die.for.
I've always wanted something without so much going on but this dress might have single handedly changed my mind.
Love the scarf and jacket layering. Fall, get here NOW!
Another Fall look because I'm just dying to pull out my boots, sweaters and scarves.
Insanely beautiful entry way that I will one day have. 
Okay, probably not but it's good to dream big!
Keeping on the dream big theme

I thought this cute printable blog planners were perfect.
Sometimes I forget what I had planned to write or link ups that I wanted to  try.
So this is a great way of keeping things organized.
Because I'm dying for a pair of Tori Burch Ballerina Flats. 
Bright yellow wouldn't be the first pair I would purchase but I still love the pop of color it could add to any outfit.
This Smokey Quartz ring. GORGEOUS!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Custom Domain Help

Hey ladies!

I'm in dire need of some blogger assistance.
Google decided to update the custom domain process & I can't figure it out for the life of me.
Any suggestions on where I can purchase my custom domain?
I'd really prefer buying it through Blogger but I can't seem to find how to do that.

When I go to Settings, it allows me to update my blog URL. 
However, it no longer states to purchase your own custom domain.

After you click settings instructions, it takes you here:
is this another language to anyone else but me?

This would happen the moment that I need to update it, typical.

Any help is much appreciated. 
I'm losing my mind!

Weekend Update

Hey Ladies!

My Monday was super busy so I didn't have time to update you on my weekend festivities. 

As planned, we participated in the Heart Walk in support of little Mason (see below).
My lazy butt actually finished the entire 3.1 miles. 
I walked of course, but finishing is finishing :)
There were SO many people there and the views of the walk were beautiful!
After that we got freshened up for his 1st birthday party.
Le Boyfriend and I brought my sweet Nephew.
The theme was Mickey Mouse and she did such an amazing job with it!
Did I mention, she made that Mickey Mouse cake herself? Insane.
We dropped off the kiddos and proceeded to have Saturday night and all day Sunday hanging out with great friends and playing old games such as Circle of Death, Charades and Clue. 
We are truly blessed to have such amazing friends.
We stopped at Starbucks on Sunday.
I got my usual and Justin figured out what the Pumpkin Spice Latte hype was all about. 
He likey a lot.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Nail Polish Organization

Houston, we have a problem.

My nail polish bag is overflowing.
Yes, you heard that right. I store my nail polish in a travel case. 
I'll agree, it's not the most efficient way, but I've just never put too much thought into trying to find something different. 
Until now.

Here are my options:
Invest in a new storing method
Quit buying nail polish...

Take a guess which one of those is NEVER going to happen ;)

I've found some cute ways to store my nail polish, but there are a slew of different options ranging from many different prices.
I'm taking any and all suggestions on finding ways to keep my wallet padded and still get what I need.

I'm thinking a rack that fits around 90 polishes would be best. 
I haven't counted how many I currently have, but if there ends up being extra space it just gives me a reason to go nail polish shopping ;)

The search has started. Here are some options that I've found thus far.

DIY nail rack

So far this is my favorite one. I don't think I want it to hang on the wall so I'm leaning towards this style. Add an extra row in the back and throw in the nail polishes and we've got a deal ;)


Friday, September 14, 2012

Add it to the list..

As I was browsing this pretty ladies blog, I came across something that will change my life forever.
And here she is..
I've been wanting a new silver watch for quite some time, I just haven't found one that I was crazy about.. until now.
She comes with a hefty price tag though. Don't they all? 

Christmas is WAY too far away.
I want this pretty baby on my wrist come October.
I know, I know - extremely far fetched.
It's just THAT amazing. 


A girl can dream.

Just thought I had to share this :)

Heart Walk

Here we are again, another Friday. 
Call me crazy,  but I feel like weeks just go by so quickly.
Sure, not when you're alarm is going off Tuesday morning.
But looking back, I wonder where the week went. 
No complaints here though!

Tomorrow I'm participating in a Charity Heart Walk in support of little Mason, which you may remember from here and here
After the walk we are blessed to be able to celebrate his first birthday at a Mickey Mouse themed party. 
The feeling that his parents must have that he made it to one is probably indescribable. 
Two major heart surgeries later and we get to celebrate.
What a blessing. 

Charity is something that feels a bit selfish to me.
I enjoy it so much and the feeling I get is so amazing that I feel like I'm getting far more than I'm giving. 
It's going to be a great day.

On Sunday we get to spend the day watching football and enjoying some BBQ with our dear friends who just moved back from Nola. 
They made an appearance on my blog back in June when we went to visit them in The Big Easy. 

That's what I have lined up for the weekend.
Looking forward to every bit of it.