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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Weekend Reflections

The long awaited 3-day weekend has come and gone and I'm left wishing we could have a redo this weekend. 

This week is only a 4-day work week so I guess that will suffice.

My weekend was spent hanging out with friends
Some flashback 90's rap hits, along with karaoke
A much needed retro MTV marathon, featuring The Hills. What girl doesn't love to randomly stumble upon a marathon that includes the always beautiful LC? And we can't forget forget Kristin, of course! 
Sunday fun day included a mini road trip to Sebring where my lovely grandparents live. It's about a two hour drive from where we live. My Papa has Parkinson's and Dementia so he is living in a nursing home not far from their house. As heartbreaking as it is to go see him in that state, I always feel better once I do. You never know when it's going be the last time. 
The nurses put on music and everyone was dancing. It was absolutely the cutest dang thing these eyes have ever witnessed. 

Take a peak.
When we got back from visiting Papa, Mema and I cooked dinner and then Landyn and I took the golf cart down to the lake. It was gorgeous out!

I truly cherish every second I get with my sweet Nephew.
Once he was worn out, I had a chance to paint my nails this pretty shade from Essie.
And no family time is complete without getting a chance to look through old family photos. Here is a photo of my little sister and I circa 1993.
I wish my Mom would have laid off the hairspray. Plus doesn't she know that updo's DO NOT look good on me? Lesson learned.

Instead of doing the typical Labor Day BBQ/Pool day, Justin and I opted for a day of Chili's, spending time with my Nephew and watching movies.

In my eyes, I had the perfect weekend and I'm ready for a repeat.

Say, this weekend? ;)


  1. LOL at the pic of you and your sis, my sister and I have so many that are SO similar. My mom also had a heavy hand on that hairspray, so I can relate to those hairstyles FOR SURE :P looks like you had a wonderful weekend, visiting grandparents is always so great :)

  2. I watched The Hills Marathon, too! I was sooo excited! My grandma has Alzheimer's, so I know how you feel!

  3. i totally watched the hills marathon too :) and i love that essie color!
    p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

    xo brie