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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Can you believe it's Wednesday already?
Neither can I, but you will not hear any complaints out of this girl.

My first what I'm loving Wednesday topic will be just that. I'm loving that it's already Wednesday and we're almost through the week and onto my favorite part of every week. I think you can figure out what that would be :)

I'm loving...

... my new Maybeline BB cream (Medium). I would highly recommend getting your hands on some BB cream if you haven't already. I've only ever tried the Dr. Jart so I was pleasantly surprised that the Maybeline one worked just as well and for a fraction of the price. Score!
... that my boyfriend has off this weekend so we get to spend some QT together. Love these weekends!

... that I have some time to read a new book. If you ladies have any suggestions on a good book that you've read, please send them my way!

... Song Pop. If you haven't downloaded it yet, do it NOW! It's the next Words with Friends, Draw Something, you get my drift :) Addicting!

... that I went to Home Depot last Friday to get materials to make the extra large Jenga that was made famous by college students tailgating. Girls got get ready for football season, ya heard?

The one below is similar to what I'm making. I'll include photos and instructions on how to make this fun game just as soon as I finish painting the blocks in my school colors.
... that I got the BEST news in the mail yesterday. If you know me pretty well, you would know that I've been dealing with the IRS for the past few months because they took away my education credits from 2010 and sent me a bill for over $2,600. Since you can only speak to these people after being on hold for over an hour and you never get the same rep, it's been a nightmare to get them all the information they wanted to prove that I was entitled my education credit and I was, in fact, in school during that time. Let's just say 4 faxes, over 8 hour long (or more) phone conversations and months of stressing. Today I got a letter saying that the entire thing has been closed and I owe nothing. Finally!

... SO many other things. I just can't fit it all into one post :)


  1. Wow! That is great news! Congrats, thank God!

    I'll have to try that BB cream too!


  2. Oh my gosh, I couldn't imagine having to owe that much when you really don't! That's great you got it all worked out!

  3. btw thanks for the sweet comment! I just realized you live in Orlando too! So fun!

  4. What is your song pop name? I so need to start a game with you! I am addicted to it. & yay for qt weekends with the bf :)Enjoy it sweet girl!

  5. I have been so curious about the BB cream! I may need to get my hands on some now. I'm happy your IRS matter got cleared up...nobody likes dealing with the tax man. Thanks for your comment!


  6. yay for being done with the IRS! The military is the same way getting pay and bills straightened out. Thankfully it's done! :)