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Friday, September 28, 2012

FSU & Friday Letters

It's   f i n a l l y   Friday.
I feel like I say that every week.
But I love me some weekends.

Particular this one because we'll be en route to Tampa bright 
& early tomorrow to partake in a little tailgating for the FSU/USF game.
Oh how I miss being surrounded by Florida State fans.
It's good for the soul.

I'm also linking up Ashley for Friday Letters.

Dear Noles, I've missed you. I miss being in Nole Country to be with all my fellow Seminole fans. I miss the feeling of being at Doak watching the opening performance and screaming the chant every time we get a touchdown. Words can't express how excited I am to see you this weekend. Love. 

Dear Whatever You Would Call This Picture Below, You had me cracking up last night. And for most of this morning. The caption attached to it was "To protect your hair from your food, because getting food in your hair would look absolutely ridiculous. 
Dear Lunch, I'm not sure what I want for you right now but I'm looking forward to you regardless what I come up with. I'd say Olive Garden but we don't have any directly downtown so it's not typically something we try to do for lunch. Boo.

On that note...

Dear Olive Garden, Please adjust your locations to fit my needs.

This goes for you too Chick-fil-A, Pei Wei, Bahama Breeze & Bonefish :)

Dear Hair, You are lightening up slowly but surely. In the sun, you almost look blonde. 
If there are still any questions relating to the long term debate, I can tell you that from my experience.
Blondes DO hair more fun.
Here is a comparison for Wednesday to Friday.
My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy but I see a difference.
Wishful thinking perhaps?
What do you think?
Dear Landyn, You are the best thing that has ever happened to not only me, but our entire family. I love you to pieces. 

Have a lovely weekend! :)


  1. Your Nole logo poppin' up on my GFC was NOT The highlight to my day. I hate the noles almost as much as I hate the fact that we won't be tailgating together.

    Don't forget to add Chiptole to your list of places that need to move downtown. You look soo pretty in both pictures so it doesn't really matter, but I can definitely see more blonde :)

  2. Landyn is a cutie pie and I love that name! Have fun this weekend...I'm sure that tailgate and game is going to be a blast. Pretty sure FSU's got the win in the bag!