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Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Friday, Come 4:00 you will be my favorite day of the week! This work week was a breeze and for that, I thank you :)

Dear Tire, why must you go now? Why couldn't you just stay with me a little longer. Now part of my weekend has to be spent tire shopping. 

Dear Nail Polish, Why do you take SO long to dry? Since I'm a perfectionist doing my nails is a process. 
Base coat 
wait for it to dry..
First coat of polish
wait for it to dry..
Second coat of polish
wait for it to dry..
Top coat
wait an hour (or two) for it to fully dry and harden

See what I mean?

Dear Wallet, We would get along much better if you would put on a bit more weight. I know people think skinny is in, but that doesn't include you. Get with it.

Dear Boyfriend, Thank you for letting me use your car to go to work today so I didn't have to drive on a spare. Looking forward to a lovely weekend with you!
{Photo courtesy of 2009}

Dear Urban Flats, I can't wait to see you this evening. I have a date with said boyfriend and I'm completely looking forward to your spinach dip, club wrap, caesar salad and some wine. My mouth is watering just thinking about it :)

Dear Ramen Noodles, It's been over 10 years since I tried you last but after seeing it on Sunday's episode of KUWTK I got a HUGE craving for it. I've had it once a day since, sometimes twice. Should I be looking forward to my Ramen Noodle lunch this much? Well I am.

Dear Landyn, You make everyday brighter. You're growing so fast and are constantly surprising me. I couldn't have been blessed with a more perfect Nephew. I can't watch to watch you grow and teach you more songs. 
Currently, his favorite jam is "What Makes you Beautiful". He'll sing and play the guitar all at once. Did I mention he is 2 1/2? Musical genius, right there!

Dear Life, I truly am so happy with everything at this moment. I've been working on being appreciative for what I have and what I've accomplished, rather than looking at the things I don't have. Sure I would love a mansion with a full closet of designer clothes and a job where I make 7 figures, but I have an amazing job with an incredible company, I'm healthy and have so many beautiful people in my life. What more could a girl want?


  1. Just found your blog through Fridays Letters & I am completely obsessed! You are just so funny!

    Definitely agree with you on the wallet ordeal & your nephew is just adorable!

    xoxo Yesi @ For Miami and Love

  2. Saw you on Friday Letters, and I LOVE the name of your blog. Something we all need to a little better, I'm sure ;)

    I randomly get Ramen noodle cravings too, lol!

  3. your nephew is super cute! mine's 3 & it's amazing to watch them grow!!

    and totally agree about not wanting to wait for nail polish to dry! takes way to long...

    Have a lovely weekend :)

    xoxo Amy @

  4. drying off nail polish stresses me out!

    New follower :)

    Have a happy Friday! Stop by and say hello!

  5. I hate when nail polish takes forever to dry too!! So annoying! Love the pictures!! Hope you have a good weekend! (:

  6. Stopping by from the link up! Newest follower! What a super cute blog you have! I pinned this regarding the nail polish but haven't tried it yet! Hopefully, it works!

    Would love for you to stop by & say hi! Have a great weekend!

  7. Your little boy is ADORABLE!!!! And I have serious Ramen cravings myself- it always takes me back to my broke college days! MMM MMM Good!

  8. Seriously, nail polish takes freakin' FOREVER to dry!!! Talk about annoying. And your boy is the cutest!!