Friday, September 14, 2012

Add it to the list..

As I was browsing this pretty ladies blog, I came across something that will change my life forever.
And here she is..
I've been wanting a new silver watch for quite some time, I just haven't found one that I was crazy about.. until now.
She comes with a hefty price tag though. Don't they all? 

Christmas is WAY too far away.
I want this pretty baby on my wrist come October.
I know, I know - extremely far fetched.
It's just THAT amazing. 


A girl can dream.

Just thought I had to share this :)


  1. it's perfection. i am hoping that hubs gets me something similar for my birthday ... but why does it have to cost so much? boo!

  2. I think October is fair. But, I'm gonna be jealous if you get it before me!! Let me know where you end up purchasing it from!! I definitely haven't ever seen it at Macy's or anything. Thanks for the shout out, doll : )