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Thursday, September 6, 2012

It's OK Thursday

My plan was to post on another topic today, but after my morning I couldn't pass up an It's OK post.

Let's get right to it. Shall we?

It's OK that I got a flat tire on my way to work :(
Let me paint the picture for you...

I left for work extra early this morning, went to the grocery store to pick up a few things and then headed to work. I'm in the middle of the road when my tire sounds really bad and my car is just not driving smoothly. I pulled over to find my tire basically in shreds. 
Not the most fantastic thing to start of my day, but we can get this taken care of. 

I got out all of my supplies and noticed that I didn't have a wrench. Of course mine would be missing right when I need it. Luckily my friend Kate came to my rescue and brought me her wrench. I've changed many tires in my life (I don't know why, I just have) and this was by far the worst experience. My jack was giving me all kinds of problems and my hands currently feel like they are going to fall off. 

Anyhoo - I'm alive and it's done and we were only an hour late to work. YAY! 
Lately I've been only trying to look on the positive side of things. I'm lucky enough to have a car to break down, friends to come to my aid and a job to be late to. So yes, all is ok. 

On to more fun things!

It's OK that I'm on a fantasy football league and I have no idea how the pointing system works or how to play certain people. None of my players have a game until Sunday so I have some time to figure all that out.

Are you on a fantasy football league? We did it at work and I figured why not? It will make watching the games that I don't care about more fun. Check out my team!
It's OK that I fell asleep at the start of Teen Mom on Tuesday so I haven't finished the Reunion special. Maybe I'm just trying to hold onto it a bit longer.

Sticking with reality TV. 

It's OK that I watched 10 minutes of Honey Boo Boo last night. My brain can literally not take longer than that in one sitting. It's a total train wreck. 

Until next time.

Stay classy, blog friends :)


  1. Honey Boo Boo is painful to watch!! I wanted to kill my sister yesterday..we went through Starbucks and when the guy gives us our coffee she says "Thank you Honey Boo Boo." He looked at me like I was crazy, I guess he though I said it because he couldn't see her. I turned so red and just drove away lol!

  2. LOL I am so glad I am not the only one posting about Honey Boo Book today! Man that show, it can't be real, producers have to be feeding them some of those lines! As for your tire, I am super impressed with your tire changing talents. I would be royally screwed if that happened to me. I should probs learn how to do that... glad we found eachother, great blog you've got here!

  3. Color me impressed by the fact that you can change a tire. I live in Orlando, too... I will find you, via Kate, if I ever need one changed. You even have tools!

  4. honey boo boo is sooo painful...but i still can't stop watching. i'm pathetic i know!

    happy thursday!

    xoxo, sarah grace