Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Nail Files

The Nail Files
Since it's Friday I'm linking up for The Nail Files.

Immediately following work, I'm heading straight up to St. Augustine for the weekend for my little cousin's high school graduation. The whole family is going up there for the graduation tonight, dinner (and, of course, drinking) at my Aunt's and Uncle's. Tomorrow we'll wake up, get some beach time in and then go to his graduation party. We are leaving Sunday morning to drive to Cocoa beach for Sunday Fun day for a friends birthday.

With a graduation, birthday, beach day and time with family, I figured that the perfect nail color would be something light and neutral. Why not go with Essie Marshmallow. That's just what I did. 
As always, I use Seche Vite for my base and top coat. Out of all the ones I've tried, and trust I've tried them all, this pair works wonders for adding gloss, thickness and an anti-chip coverage like no other. I picked up mine at CVS but I'm sure they sell it at most retail chains. I swear by these two little bottles :)
That's my nail files for the week. Join us and show us what your hands are flashing this weekend!

It's OK Thursday!

It's been awhile so I'm looking forward to doing an It's OK Thursday post :)

It's OK...
..that I have been a terrible blogger in the last few weeks. I've been busy at work and my life feels like it's been nonstop. Last night I got to relax at home all alone. Rented a movie, gave myself a manicure and had wine to top it off #perfection #justwhatIneeded
.. that I've been to Panama and Clearwater in the last 3 weeks and I'm going to St. Augustine, Cocoa Beach & New Orleans (fingers crossed) in the next 2 weeks. I love traveling, but I can't lie, it was nice to be at home last weekend.

.. that it's official, I'm addicted to Publix/Chick fila/Panera tea. I buy a galloon of sweet and unsweet and mix them for the perfect mixture of goodness.

.. that I got my hair done 2-weeks ago and my roots are horrid. It's like my color just falls out or something. I need a something new that will hold the color at least 4-weeks.  Currently, I just get high & low lights but I'm considering doing all over color and then some low lights. Thoughts and/or suggestions?

..that the period and exclamation point on my phone hasn't worked since Friday night. Does anyone realize how frustrating that is? I never realized how much of an exclamation point abuser I am until now. Ok, maybe that's a lie ;)

.. that I CAN'T for work to be over today to have a girls night with these pretty ladies. 
Laters! ;)

Scenes from my weekend

My apologies for being such a lazy blogger lately. Here is a long overdue recap of my weekend. 

Immediately after work I went to pick up my sweet nephew from school. He was just as excited as I was for a 3-day weekend!
Friday night we went downtown to celebrate Wendy's birthday. Started off at a place that is known for making the strongest drinks in Orlando - not smart!
Saturday, I babysat my little angel all day :) We went to Chick fila to start the day, went to the pool to get soak in some sun, went to feed the ducks and then came back to watch Thomas the Train. He was pooped!
Sunday I had the itch to go shopping. Naturally, I had to take Landyn to the play place in the mall between stores. He was having a blast trying to twist down the slide like the bigger kids were doing. 
After that we went to Landyn's first Soccer awards day. Preschool Sportz is a great organization that had so much planned for the little ones. Complete with 5 bounce houses, rock climbing wall,  helicopter landing, cake, cupcakes, 60 pizzas and subs. The kids loved it :)
Landyn and his soccer coach :)
Memorial day was fun - even though the weather was not. We spent time by the pool, played corn hole, volleyball, flip cup and beer pong with a few friends.
It's almost time for another weekend. Thank You Lord :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Weekend, I'm so excited for you. You will be the only weekend I get to stay in town for in the past few weeks and the coming weeks. I'm thrilled to be able to relax but now I feel odd because I've been avoiding making plans. 
Dear Mornings, Why can't you go a bit easier on me? You know, make them not start until 8:30 or something. Leaving the house at 7:15 is not ideal.
Dear Nails, Why won't you paint yourselves? And, why must you always chip 15 seconds after I paint you? I need to invite super polish, similar to super glue, where the paint will not come off. Shellac just doesn't cut it for me.
Dear Hair, Why are you taking so long to grow? I would really appreciate you growing at least 4 inches in the next 2 weeks. Too much to ask?
Dear Tires, After getting a new set 3-weeks ago and then another why last week, why do you feel the need to go flat again? What am I missing?
Dear Mean People of the World, Why do you exist? I'm not speaking of anyone in particular, just all the cruel people who harm innocent people, especially children. 
Dear Landyn, You make my world go round, I'm so lucky to have you.

Come join in on the fun here!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Katie's Bachelorette Party

We threw an incredible Bachelorette Party for little Ms. Bride-to-be, Kate, this weekend over in Clearwater. 
We took the day off from work Friday and headed straight over to Clearwater bright and early. We clearly had to have some cocktails to get the day going. Mimosas for the ride.. I mean before the ride ;)
We stayed at the gorgeous Sand Pearl Resort and were greeted with champagne upon arrival, my kind of place.
I made custom water bottle labels for the big event. My friend Steph and I made cups with all the girls names on it :) 
We all put pictures together to make a video of Katie's life that she got to watch before we headed out for the night. It was so adorable and had photos from her toddler years, through high school and present day. Yes, tears were involved.

We then surprised her with a limo ride to take us to dinner and out of the town after. The limo ride was most likely my favorite part of the entire weekend. We were singing, dancing and having so much fun together.
 Pink Champagne Toast.
We went to dinner at Ocean Prime. My steak little could be cut with a fork and the mashed potatoes and mac n cheese were to die for. Even though we had a reservation we still had to wait an hour, but they were so kind to keep bringing the entire group shots while we waited and that continued once we were sat - did I mention that they were all on the house? They also gave us a gorgeous private room that had sheer white walls. We had the best team of servers who ended up giving us their ties because it reminded us of 50 Shades of Grey. 
The next day we hung out by the pool all day and drank Mimosas, wine and sangria. Perfect chill pool day.
She had no idea what we had in store for her Saturday night. 

TUTU TIME :) Our shirts said girls night out and we all had matching TuTu's, except she wore white, of course :)
Photo of just the bride & bridesmaids
I couldn't let her go out without having any work to do. Enter the To Do Before I Do checklist. Great way to make it fun and get some memorable photos at the same time!
Photo via Kate
Our Mercedes bus ride to the only club on Clearwater Beach, Shepard's.
& then there were 6.. Our last breakfast before hitting the road on Sunday.
 On the way out we had to stop at the high school that we had referred to the entire weekend. Tornandoes-- you have just been given a tornado warning! WOOOYYY
That's all. Really looking forward to another Bachelorette Party. It was a lot of planning, communication and hard work but the end result was SO worth all of it :)

37 days until the wedding!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hairstyle Commitment

I pretty much stick to the same hair do's when I get ready in the morning. Straight or curly. I really need to get into doing a little more. 

Here are some inspirations for the near future. I'm making a commitment to myself to try new things so keep an eye out to make sure I'm following that. Even if they turn out bad the first few times, I have to start trying before I bore myself to death.

They can't be so hard, right?