Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hairstyle Commitment

I pretty much stick to the same hair do's when I get ready in the morning. Straight or curly. I really need to get into doing a little more. 

Here are some inspirations for the near future. I'm making a commitment to myself to try new things so keep an eye out to make sure I'm following that. Even if they turn out bad the first few times, I have to start trying before I bore myself to death.

They can't be so hard, right?


  1. I'm with ya--my hair gets very boring. I try to switch it up, but it's hard to try new styles before work, cause I get frustrated and end up being late. I've done the fourth one several times and it's really easy!

  2. love this hairstyle:)


  3. Um, maybe not hard for YOU! Once you learn, do it to me :)