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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Katie's Bachelorette Party

We threw an incredible Bachelorette Party for little Ms. Bride-to-be, Kate, this weekend over in Clearwater. 
We took the day off from work Friday and headed straight over to Clearwater bright and early. We clearly had to have some cocktails to get the day going. Mimosas for the ride.. I mean before the ride ;)
We stayed at the gorgeous Sand Pearl Resort and were greeted with champagne upon arrival, my kind of place.
I made custom water bottle labels for the big event. My friend Steph and I made cups with all the girls names on it :) 
We all put pictures together to make a video of Katie's life that she got to watch before we headed out for the night. It was so adorable and had photos from her toddler years, through high school and present day. Yes, tears were involved.

We then surprised her with a limo ride to take us to dinner and out of the town after. The limo ride was most likely my favorite part of the entire weekend. We were singing, dancing and having so much fun together.
 Pink Champagne Toast.
We went to dinner at Ocean Prime. My steak little could be cut with a fork and the mashed potatoes and mac n cheese were to die for. Even though we had a reservation we still had to wait an hour, but they were so kind to keep bringing the entire group shots while we waited and that continued once we were sat - did I mention that they were all on the house? They also gave us a gorgeous private room that had sheer white walls. We had the best team of servers who ended up giving us their ties because it reminded us of 50 Shades of Grey. 
The next day we hung out by the pool all day and drank Mimosas, wine and sangria. Perfect chill pool day.
She had no idea what we had in store for her Saturday night. 

TUTU TIME :) Our shirts said girls night out and we all had matching TuTu's, except she wore white, of course :)
Photo of just the bride & bridesmaids
I couldn't let her go out without having any work to do. Enter the To Do Before I Do checklist. Great way to make it fun and get some memorable photos at the same time!
Photo via Kate
Our Mercedes bus ride to the only club on Clearwater Beach, Shepard's.
& then there were 6.. Our last breakfast before hitting the road on Sunday.
 On the way out we had to stop at the high school that we had referred to the entire weekend. Tornandoes-- you have just been given a tornado warning! WOOOYYY
That's all. Really looking forward to another Bachelorette Party. It was a lot of planning, communication and hard work but the end result was SO worth all of it :)

37 days until the wedding!


  1. Cute post!! You are SOOO tiny! I love you in that aqua color dress, so pretty!! :)

  2. I saw some of these on Katie's blog, y'all did an AMAZING job!!! I love all the little details & surprises!

  3. That bachelorette checklist is SO awesome! Such a great idea :)

  4. I LOVE YOU!!! Thank you for making last weekend so so so so so awesome!

  5. New follower here, who's loving your blog and adoring the tutu bachelorette idea!! Looks like you did an incredible job!

  6. Oh my goodness! LOOOVE this!!

  7. looks like fun! i had wedding events this weekend, too :) found you via the link up xo