Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Weekend, I'm so excited for you. You will be the only weekend I get to stay in town for in the past few weeks and the coming weeks. I'm thrilled to be able to relax but now I feel odd because I've been avoiding making plans. 
Dear Mornings, Why can't you go a bit easier on me? You know, make them not start until 8:30 or something. Leaving the house at 7:15 is not ideal.
Dear Nails, Why won't you paint yourselves? And, why must you always chip 15 seconds after I paint you? I need to invite super polish, similar to super glue, where the paint will not come off. Shellac just doesn't cut it for me.
Dear Hair, Why are you taking so long to grow? I would really appreciate you growing at least 4 inches in the next 2 weeks. Too much to ask?
Dear Tires, After getting a new set 3-weeks ago and then another why last week, why do you feel the need to go flat again? What am I missing?
Dear Mean People of the World, Why do you exist? I'm not speaking of anyone in particular, just all the cruel people who harm innocent people, especially children. 
Dear Landyn, You make my world go round, I'm so lucky to have you.

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  1. I feel you in the hair growing... secret? prenatal vitamins!

  2. I'm with you on the manicures. It makes it so much harder to wear bright colors on nails when its so obvious when then chip. I rock a boring pale pink a little too often because it looks nice for longer.

  3. Aww I just love all of your letters!! I wish my hair would hurry up & grow too!

  4. god i know exactly what you mean with all the mean people. its so sad. i will never ever understand how anyone could be mean to children or animals. its just appalling! there are a few natural things you can take to help your hair grow, also getting monthly trims helps as well!

    im having a fun accessories giveaway on my blog, check it out if you haven't already!


  5. agreed about the mean people girl- super cute blog by the way!

  6. I have almost the same letter regarding nail polish and chipping! I am so with you on that. Annoying. Really.

  7. I can't tell you how many tires I've had to replace after running over nails. I am a magnet for them!!


  8. I got 3 of my tires changed last week. :/ Two because they were old and one because of a nail! Same week. Ridic.