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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Scenes from my weekend

My apologies for being such a lazy blogger lately. Here is a long overdue recap of my weekend. 

Immediately after work I went to pick up my sweet nephew from school. He was just as excited as I was for a 3-day weekend!
Friday night we went downtown to celebrate Wendy's birthday. Started off at a place that is known for making the strongest drinks in Orlando - not smart!
Saturday, I babysat my little angel all day :) We went to Chick fila to start the day, went to the pool to get soak in some sun, went to feed the ducks and then came back to watch Thomas the Train. He was pooped!
Sunday I had the itch to go shopping. Naturally, I had to take Landyn to the play place in the mall between stores. He was having a blast trying to twist down the slide like the bigger kids were doing. 
After that we went to Landyn's first Soccer awards day. Preschool Sportz is a great organization that had so much planned for the little ones. Complete with 5 bounce houses, rock climbing wall,  helicopter landing, cake, cupcakes, 60 pizzas and subs. The kids loved it :)
Landyn and his soccer coach :)
Memorial day was fun - even though the weather was not. We spent time by the pool, played corn hole, volleyball, flip cup and beer pong with a few friends.
It's almost time for another weekend. Thank You Lord :)

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  1. Love that picture of you and Justin - it's so tropicaaaaal