Monday, May 14, 2012

The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette officially premieres tonight at 9:30 for those of us that are on the east coast and I'm tellin' ya, I couldn't be more excited.

I've always been a HUGE fan of the Bachelor franchise. Although I can't lie, I lost interest during Ben's season and was starting to question the producers picking ability. I get that they try to be fair and use the runner-up from the previous season, however, that is putting a lot of trust in the Bachelor or Bachelorette's decision making skills. Who they liked might not have been who America fell in love with.

Insert EMILY

This gorgeous girl won Brad's heart on his second season. She captured America's heart after telling the story about how she lost her then fiance , Ricky Hendricks, in a plane crash.  She found out that she was pregnant a few days after he died. She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl whom she calls Ricky. After 5-years of being alone, she decided to sign up for the Bachelor. She met Brad and they fell madly in love. Unfortunately, things didn't work out so she is back to find her prince charming. 

They honestly couldn't have found a more deserving and loving person. She is absolutely beautiful, both inside and out. One thing is for sure, they have restored my faith in there picking abilities. Ever since the ATFR aired, I've been dying to see more of her. My only hope is that she walks away with the love of her life.

Please watch. I'll definitely be keeping my blog up-to-date with my favorites.  I truly think this will be the best season yet :)


  1. I can't wait!!! Have you looked at the 25 guys online??? I only approve of 4 for Miss Emily. (AND ONE is a professional race car driver!! Ahhh!!)

  2. i think i just might watch this one ... she has gotten so much hype so i have to find out why everyone loves her! :)

  3. SO excited for this! I didn't watch Ashley's season because I'm not a big fan of her, and I didn't watch Ben because well, he wasn't cute. ;)

  4. The whole Ben season totally turned me off.

  5. I totally lost interest during Ben's season as well, but adore Emily and I'm a hopeless romantic that totally gets caught up in dating shows. I have a few faves, but it's hard to know after only one episode. Maybe I'll share something on my blog this week after another look. Have a great week.