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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hair Day!

I've been waiting for this day for the past 2 weeks. 
It's bleach my brand new baby hairs day!

You see, I typically get my hair done every 4 weeks-ish.
This time, I've waited 6 weeks.
Where has the time gone?

Last week, my Mom looked at me and said 
"Dang Stephanie, you really need your roots done.
I've never seen them that bad."

WOAH Mom, what?

My Mom is my biggest fan.
So if my Mom is telling me that I need to get my hair done, then it must be true. 

Imagine my disappointment when I found out my hair dresser was going
to Vegas the very next day and wouldn't be back until yesterday. 

Five long days later and 2 more comments from my Mom over the weekend 
&& I've made it to hair day :)

In honor of Fall, as well as wanting a change for awhile.
I'm adding a ton of lowlights. 

I wish I wasn't too scared to go brown, 
but that will most likely never happen. 
It just wouldn't look good on me - unfortunately. 

As far as color, this is exactly what I'm going for today.

I'm hoping she can cut my hair longer & add layers just like the ones above.
Possible? Well no.
But I'm getting closer to that length.
Maybe next time?

Does anyone else get this excited for their hair appointments?


  1. Wait is that bottom pic you?! I'm confused lol!!

    I LOVE hair appointment day, and I definitely always go wayyyy too long between cuts!

  2. Please just leave that first inspiration picture at the hair salon for me! I LOVE

  3. Hahaha...don't judge, but I haven't colored my hair since June 28th!!!!! I'm definitely interested and in need of a hair salon down here so if you have any suggestions I'd appreciate it!!

    PS - LOVE LOVE LOVE that cut and color of the 2nd photo!! Good luck! :)