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Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Great Escape!

Random happenings as I wait for the weekend to come :)

We went to Bonefish last night because we were both craving Bang Bang Shrimp and it was Bang Wednesday, kinda like Christmas for your mouth. 
Bonefish has always been my restaurant of choice but I haven't always been a fan of the lackluster main course options, but the Potatoes au Gratin are out of this world so I stayed mum. Right when we sat down I noticed a new menu with TONS of new dinner options and almost squealed when I saw Shrimp Pad Thai. My favorite food at my favorite restaurant - what could be more magically than that?
Ryan wasn't thrilled with the taste but I thought it was good. It's definitely a more Americanized version of Pad Thai but that's what I would expect from a restaurant like Bonefish. It was definitely a nice break from my normal pasta and breadsticks meals as of late.

We're leaving work early today for a team building event. Remind me again how I get so lucky to have worked for two awesome companies that know the importance of team building.

I got to plan the event for my team and was thrilled when others agreed to The Great Escape Room. A real-life escape game where we're locked in a room with no way out and we must search for hidden compartments, secret passageways, and clues to plot our Great Escape. It is a hybrid of a scavenger hunt and a puzzle game. The trial is timed and teamwork is essential.
The room looks harmless enough yet only 23% of people successfully make the great escape! How embarrassing it would be to be apart of the 77% that do not get out. There are 20 of us split into 2 teams and we'll be facing off to see which team is wiser. Really hoping I'm part of the winning team!

Over and out.


  1. Take pictures tonight! I want to see how this thing turns out : )

  2. gah, you made me want Bonefish now! YUM!

  3. I love Bonefish! The salmon there is always on point! The Great Room Escape looks so fun, been wanting to try it. Have fun!

    1. Recently i have same experience on live room escape game at Miami.Will visit great escape room too .

  4. Umm so jealous! I've been wanting to try The Great Escape! I thought it would be a good team building thing for us to do here too! Have fun!!

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