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Friday, October 3, 2014

Jumping on the Apple Train

It's official, my sweet Samsung Galaxy S3 is dunzo. And I think this avid Android lover is finally making the switch to Apple. 
(Save it, Lynda!)

It would seem like the perfect timing considering my contact with Sprint is up and the iPhone 6 recently came out.  That's where I was wrong. Come to find out no stores in a 200 mile radius have the iPhone 6 in stock and everyone is saying END of October until they get it in. 

The boyfriend is trying to work his magic and get me one this coming week. Fingers crossed. I'm also pretty excited to change my service provider to Verizon. Homegirl has been living off zero bars while in "4G"  for far too long and I am over it.
Now it's onto case shopping.

I'm leaning toward this purdy little thang.

..but if my girl Kate (not you, Milton) would make these two patterns for the 6, that would make for one happy Stephanie. You know, until my screen cracked a week later because it's probably not the most protective case out there. Beauty is pain though, amiright?

I also found this sweet little number that is personalized, protective and perfectly priced. What more could a girl ask for? She has a ton of cute patterns that are making me giddy!

I'm off to search in the magical land of Etsy until I find the perfect case! Hopefully I actually get a phone to put in that case. I guess one thing at a time ::sigh::


  1. could you leave me all alone in android world?!?!?!

    1. You are going to be the lone soldier keeping the Kik fort down. Don't switch or people don't think I could handle two losses this close together!

  2. You are going to want a more durable case! The little sucker is slick and thin and will find it's way out of your hands and on to the floor in a hot minute! I went with an otterbox case, but that's because I swear by them! My last iphone I had for 3 years and kept it in an otterbox and never had a crack or scratch or anything! So when I was eligible for this upgrade I got $200 back b/c my iphone was in perfect condition. Otterbox now has it where you can customize your colors on your case. Mine is teal and pink but there are tons of options. If you want the 6 to last you through your 2yr contract, it's best to invest in a sturdy case!