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Monday, October 24, 2011

All good things

…must come to an end.

I’m referring to my weekend. Unlike most weekends, this one did not seem to go so quickly.

My boyfriend and I kicked off the weekend by going to a delicious dinner on a lake. The views were astonishing.

See for yourself

I went with red wine since it was a tad on the chilly side.

,After dinner we hit up the St. Mary Magdalen Festival. Tons of games, rides, cotton candy, etc.. We stayed close to the beer garden and tried our luck in Bingo. We did not do so hot but we had fun none-the-less.

I spent the day Saturday working and then my mom, sis, nephew and boyfriend picked me up for a 2 hour trip for my grandparents 60th anniversary dinner. 60 years is a long time and definitely calls for a celebration. My Papa has had Parkinson's for a few years and was just recently diagnosed with dementia as well. 

Tomorrow is not promised so i'm very happy that I got to share that special time with them. We all went around the table to say things we remembered throughout the years. It was sweet.

Mema & Papa on their wedding day  
October 21, 1951

After dinner we headed back to Orlando for a night on the town with some friends.

At the end of the night it's tradition to get pickle shots.

A shot of Jameson, immediately followed by a shot of pickle juice and a dash of hot sauce
Trust me, I could NEVER take Jameson but the pickle juice is all you taste and I love pickles! :)

Round 1

After round 2 :)

Surprisingly we felt fine on Sunday and spent the day watching football, playing corn hole & eating a delicious BBQ

When we got home we decided to end the night by bringing the mattress out of our spare bedroom and put it in the living room. We rented horrible bosses (hilarious), had Shrimp Alfredo for dinner and brownies for dessert. My boyfriend is obsessed with anything sweet so I usually cook dinner and he whips up the dessert.

He was my model for the pictures this weekend :)

Today was my Mom's birthday so I took her to lunch at Chili's. She was craving one of their frozen margaritas so it worked out for me! We took my nephew to 2 playgrounds and then had dinner at my mom's to end the night.

He loved dipping his chips in the salsa on his own, nevermind that his whole fist would go in. He is too cute!

Now i'm watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills before heading off to bed and tackling another week of work. 

Another successful weekend in the books :)


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