Saturday, October 8, 2011

Let the rain fall down

Thanks to the unpredictable Florida weather, I have off today. I work at an outdoor restaurant so when it rains, we close. No celebration of gay power, hours of work or money. Take the good with the bad. 

I've decided to spend my day off going to lunch then watching some football at a local bar with some of my girlfriends. Having a few beers while watching my Noles and catching up with friends is my ideal Saturday. Who can blame me? The only thing that would make this situation better was if I was in Tallahassee watching the game live. Here are some pictures from last season where I was doing just that. 

My little cousin, Prestyn.

My soulmate, Brittany.

& again at Doak Campbell Stadium

Nothing beats great times with good friends or good times with great friends! Words of wisdom from none other than MK & A :)

Happy Saturday to all!

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  1. You are gorgeous! Hope you enjoyed your rainy day off :)