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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Lasagna was, as always, a successful dinner. 

As I mentioned yesterday, we watched 50/50. You hear Seth Rogan is one of the main characters and you immediately think that it's just going to be another one of those hilarious movies. Boy was I wrong. It was sad, like overflowing, can't control my tears sad. Sure Seth Rogan's character added a few humorous spots, but it was not what I expected. 
Joseph Gordan Levitt plays the main character, he finds out he has cancer and has a 50/50 chance to live. I won't spoil the movie for any of you who might want to see it, but it was just terrible. I felt so bad for his character the entire movie. 

All-in-all it was a great movie, I just didn't prepare myself for that type of movie.

This weekend is the much anticipated 2nd birthday of this little guy:

His actual birthday is tomorrow, but we are throwing the big bash on Saturday. My sister and I have been hard at work perfecting every single detail for his Sesame Street themed day. I can't wait to share all the exciting things we have planned for him!

Tomorrow I'm going over to have chocolate chip pancakes with him for breakfast and then after work we are taking him to Chuck E Cheese to play some games. 

We went there this weekend and this boy thought he was the only person there. He was obsessed with the mini basketball game and wouldn't allow anyone else to play. Hopefully it will be a little less busy on a Thursday and he can play as much as he'd like.

I still haven't brought myself to buy my bathing suits yet. I created my cart the other night and it was $600. Needless to say, I need to start from scratch and only get the 'necessities.'

Even worse, I got another student loan bill from a place I've never even heard of. They are saying my monthly bill is $150, not to mention the $200 I already pay. Umm, that is not feasible at this moment in time. 

What I need to do is consolidate all of them. I'm being charged interest ranging from 5.5%-6.8% all separately on 8 different loans. Consolidation advice is what I need right now. Anyone else in this boat, or has been in the past, that can offer any advice? I don't want to apply for deferment or forbearance, I just want them to all be together and only have one interest rate. I'm basically paying 40% interest right now and that just doesn't seem right to me. 


  1. I was nervous to see this movie because I thought it was going to make too much of a joke of cancer...(if that makes any sense?) But if you thought it was good I might go rent it!

  2. i really want to see that movie! i'm sure i will cry the whole time but i cry at almost every movie! Happy Birthday to your nephew! Hope his day is great! :)