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Monday, January 30, 2012

Landyn's Party

Landyn's Birthday party was a success. We had a HUGE turnout & everyone that came had a blast!

My big boy- all grown up!
Mommy & Auntie with the birthday boy!

Some of the big kids :)

Poor Elmo took a beating. There were some hard hitters!

All the little kids opened the presents, since Landyn has the attention span of a 2-year old ;)

The big kids ultimately ended up playing 'Pin the Nose on Elmo'

If you can't tell, it was a Sesame Street filled day. 

Here are some pictures of all our hard work coming to life :)

Landyn's Sweet Street

Elmo's Punch

Poms Poms with the characters faces on them. It's a wonder what a little construction paper can do :)

 Big Bird's Bubble Parlor & Oscar the Grouch's Tattoo Parlor, along with all the goodie bags

 My balloon version of Sesame Street

 I forgot to take this picture until people had already walked all over them. Oops!

I'm off to read before bed. Have a great night!

1 comment:

  1. Looking back on some of your posts.
    This party was adorable! You did so much work. Love all the little special touches and creative things you made- the food, balloons, pompoms with faces, t-shirts....All was perfect!