Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Busy Bee

Excuse my absence, Iz been busy, juneau?

On to some business

My dearest Pinterest has been throwing a temper tantrum on me for weeks & today was no exception. Imagine my disappointment when all I wanted to do this morning was look at some new pins, since I haven't had a chance to in days. 


Lucky me-- it's working tonight :)

Just thought I'd share this quote that caught my eye. It's very true.

This weekend I went to a Christmas party at my Aunt and Uncles house. 

I took Landyn to see Santa on Saturday. He was not a fan, or he was just on the naughty list and didn't want to get too close Santa, either way a good photo was out of the question. He was still adorable the entire time.

Monday we all went to Sea World

The Santa at Sea World. My sister had to hold him to get a pic.

See why I've been so busy?

I know excuses, excuses..

We are having a girls craft night tomorrow

I'm excited to share our finished products :)

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  1. i have heard pinterest has been acting up for a lot of people! and i love that flannel shirt that landyn is wearing! he is adorable! what a lucky aunt :)