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Monday, December 5, 2011

Since I'm on the nice list..

..I deserve some nice things, yes?

Here is the start of my Christmas list

1) Michael Kors Watch
Still undecided on which MK watch I want...
I'll have to try it on in the store to make a decision

2) Michael Kors Ipad case

3) Michael Kors Purse
I am desperately in need of a black MK handbag, similar to this one seen here.

4) Clothes
The thing about clothes is that no one can shop for you the way you would. Everything fits differently and only you have an eye for what looks good on your body shape. This is why clothes almost never make it into my Christmas list, even though it's usually the only thing I want.

4) Camel Boots

If you haven't noticed, I'm loving all things Michael Kors this year..

Come July,  I'll be in need of this because I'm treating myself to the new iPhone 5.  
 I have long been a supporter of Droids and, quite frankly, I love my phone. However, the iPhone is now with Sprint and I can never find cute cases for my phone. 

No Cute cases?
Yes, due to my inability to find a non-bulky, adorable case, my phone has been going commando. Poor thing. I would love to have her wrapped up in a Marley Lily case, but no can do. This is one of the main reasons that I must switch over.

Well that about sums up my Christmas list as of right now. I'm sure the closer the holiday gets, the more items I'll be adding. 

I'm pretty much finished with my Christmas shopping so that's one less thing I have to worry about.



  1. Our Christmas lists are almost identical!! I'm asking for a MK watch and that iPhone clutch too. I can't get an iPhone until June which sucks but whatever. I still want the clutch! Haha :)

  2. Ummmm I want that iPhone case!!!! (I guess I need an iPhone first...add that to my list too!)

  3. bahaha. Looks like nobody can go wrong as long as they buy you something MK! Makes for easy shopping!

    I don't have an iphone either--heck, I JUST NOW got internet on my phone. I'm a little old school.

  4. I love everything Michael kors!!! He has some great stuff!!!

  5. LOVE Michael Kors ;) I already have one of his purses and picked out another for Christmas that my boyfriend bought me! My present from him won't be a surprise, but I am so excited! As for the watches, I love the rose gold and would highly recommend it :) Hope Santa gets you everything you want!