Wednesday, July 18, 2012

All over the place.

That's where my thoughts are so that's where how my post will seem too! Sorry for the insanely random post.

I want to be laying right here with a good book for a week straight without being bothered. Too much to ask?
 This is just the cutest little summer outfit. Fashionable yet fun!
 This quote was probably made for me - at least it should have been!

I have a meeting with my Graduate Advisor immediately following work and I'm nervous. I'm still going back and forth about whether or not Grad school is a good idea for me. The Mass Communication track is great to have, but I don't know how necessary it is in the industry that I'm currently in or would like to go in the future. So many thoughts, so little time. 

Hopefully I'll be in a better blogging mood tomorrow!


  1. love that summer outfit!

    come say hi at :)

    have a great Friday!

  2. I can totally relate to that e-card. SO funny!