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Monday, July 16, 2012


The July Birchbox just came in and I hate to say it but they left much to be desired. There is really nothing that I'm crazy about out of this pack. 
1. Colored headphones: I suppose these are cool, but have nothing to do with me trying out make up. 
2. Oscar de la Renta sample: This scent actually smells amazing, but I wish I could get more out of it than 4 sprays.
3. Jouer moisture tint: This claims to even out imperfections and cover fine lines. I'll get back to you once I try it  for myself:)
4.Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens: These little towelettes allow you to wipe away perspiration and oil without disturbing your make up placement. Sounds pretty neat. 
5. Eyeko Green Eyeliner: I'm excited to try this specific brand, however, I hardly think I'll be wearing green eye liner anytime soon.

All-in-all the products seem kind of cool, I just don't think they match what kind of look I'm going for or the things I'm interested in. I guess I'm just being a little too picky. I'll be back with updates once I try these! 


  1. Your Birchbox was way different than mine! I got the eyeliner in purple, and at first I was really skeptical, but I tried it out this morning, and I love it! It doesn't look that purple, and it really brings out my blue eyes. I bet the green will be an olive/charcoal looking color, and I'm sure it'll be beautiful on you! Have a wonderful Monday evening!

  2. I wish i had received a box like yours. i really wanted the eyeliner and did not receive it. :( instead i got a candy bar thing and some uv protecter for dyed hair, my hair isn't even dyed. :(