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Friday, July 27, 2012

High Five for Friday

These are a few of my favorite things this week :)

1. Landyn is my sweet sweet nephew who means so much to me. I'm loving (& hating) how he is growing everyday. His Vocabulary expands over night and it's such a joy and honor watching him become a little man right in front of me. 
2. Sheer blouses are a closet must have. They are the perfect thing to throw on with jeans, shorts, AND skirts - they go with EVERYTHING. With a colar or without, they really can dress up any outfit.
3. Stephanie is not only my name twin, but someone that quickly become one of my best friends. Well not quickly in the since of after we met, but in the last year has become so special to me. As I mentioned yesterday, she is leaving me for law school in less than a week.  People, that's 3-years of being separated. Boo :( I know we'll survive with Skype dates, random visits and LOTS of phone time. We got this. 
4. As scared as I am about taking out all these extra loans, I am really happy that I got into graduate school and that I will be attending starting August 20th. I finally took the leap this morning and clicked 'accept' to the loans! It's official. UCF Grad school, here I come :)
5. Oh, Chick-fil-A, I feel so terrible for all of the backlash you are currently getting. I do understand where everyone is coming from because they're beliefs are much different, but you've always been a christian store, and it's been no secret. You're closed on Sundays because of your beliefs so it's clearly not all about the money (I've calculated a rough estimate before and they are losing MILLIONS every month for not being open). So why now is everyone so shocked about your beliefs? I'll tell you one thing, if it doesn't change the taste of your food, I will still be visiting you 3-5 times a week. Yes I know, embarrassing. 
Oh &, of course, my favorite thing today is that it's FRIDAY!

What are some of your favorite things this week?


  1. Girl I completely agree about the whole Chic Fil A thing! It should not come as such a shock to everyone! And Graduate School- ROCK ON!!! That's awesome girl, good for you :)

  2. My favorite thing is definitely that it's Friday! Haha.

    Have a great weekend! :)

  3. Love your blog : ) & totally agree with the Chic Fil A thing! Addicted to their sweet tea haha

  4. I have gone to CFA twice this week! YUM!!

  5. Yay for grad school!
    Would you believe I have never been to Chik fil A!? Not because of their beliefs or thoughts on whatever, but because we just don't have it here in NZ! :(