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Friday, June 28, 2013

Pet Peeves & Jamz

Nothing is coming to me on what to write about today, but I want to link up with mah girl Whitney so I figured I'd do another link up to give me something to write about!

Not to mention, Leslie is too cute for words and I always enjoy reading her blog. Win/Win.
The topic this week is pet peeves. 

Here are some of mine:
1. Slow drivers: Flat out can't stand 'em. It's not that I had the safety of driving 5 mph under the speed limit, it's that these people have no courtesy to other drivers on the ride and feel the need to do it in the fast lane.  

2. Negativity: People that only share the negative things. You know the ones that claim the world is out to get them and life is completely unfair, then decide to share it through their social media channels, as if the rest of us are just dying to hear how horrible their life is going. We all have good and bad days. Get it together and focus on what you do have. The only reason why you're unhappy is because you're choosing everyday to not see the good in the world.
3. People that cancel: I'm not, nor will I ever be, someone that cancels on someone. Now I understand things happen, but I absolutely cannot stand when people just plain cancel for no reason.  It's completely inconsiderate and just plain rude. Anyone that knows me knows that I'm a sticker with plans. If I expect you, I'll be upset when you say "you're just not in the mood." However, I hold myself to the same standard because no one likes getting canceled on. 

4. Mean People: We all know those people that would prefer finding something horrible to say about someone rather than look for the good in them. Most of it stems from insecurity but it still bothers me. Of course we're all guilty of it at times, but I've been taking a special approach on focusing on the good in people recently. I've never talked crap about people and felt really good about myself after. If you look, you can find something good about everyone. It's there, I promise you.
Being that I'm in the greatest mood today, it seems rather odd that this post is all about pet peeves. 

It could be due to the fact that it's Friday... or it's because I'm going to another fabulous Stella & Dot party tonight hosted by the bestie MissMrs. Kate (a year later & that's still weird.)
Tell us what your pet peeves are by linking up at A Blonde Ambition.

AND finally, my #backthatazzup song of the week.

When I think of #backthatazzup my mind always goes back to throwback jamz. And this was one of my favorites, regardless of what the meaning could have been about, because I never understood the meaning behind song lyrics or movie quotes until I was about 18. Sad, I know.

Happy Friday!

1 comment:

  1. I'm with you on the cancelers. At my job I get lots of clients that just cancel or pull a no-show for no reason, it is rude to other people's time.