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Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Update!

We celebrated the boyfriend's big 28th birthday this weekend.

The standard Happy Birthday card just wouldn't do this year so I decided to get creative. Since he has a bigger sweet tooth than I'll ever understand, I decided to go with a candy card.
We started by eating at one of his favorite restaurants, Texas de Brazil. After completely stuffing our faces, we decided to get an ab workout at the Improv comedy club. We frequent this place quite often and two of the performers this particular time were definitely my favorite. We headed to the local Ale House to meet up with some of his friends to continue the birthday celebration.

I planned a day of fun for Justin on Saturday. We slept right through the time that we were supposed to be at miniature golf so we headed straight to our laser tag reservation. This, my friends, was no joke. Thankfully, we refueled with my favorite BBQ place of ALL time, 4Rivers. I realize that's a bold statement, but if you've tried it, you'd understand.
Later that night we went to see the new comedy This is the End. Honestly, I thought I saw the entire movie in the previews and was not looking forward to it. I was wrong. That hardly ever happens and when it does, I rarely admit it, but this movie was HILARIOUS - the end being my favorite part. Once you see it, you'll know what I mean. My heart was exploding with LOVE! We ended the night at another Ale House with different friends. We're not creatures of habit or anything ;)
I think I partied a little too hard this weekend because I had nothing left in me when I woke up Sunday morning, not even a voice. I felt like crap all weekend but I tried to power through it so Justin could have a good birthday celebration.  I headed to the doctor Sunday morning and he gave me some antibiotic. Hopefully I'm on the road to recovery! :)

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  1. Love Texas de Brazil and the candy card is too cute, feel better!

  2. I agree with your bold Four Rivers statement. It is hands down the best BBQ in Orlando.