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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Starting Fresh

The New Year is the perfect time get life tasks back on track. Whether it be figuring out a budget, meal planning, commit to cleaning more, spending more time with family or friends you never see, etc... There is always something we can improve on. 

I, for one, can improve on ALL of those things. As a whole, I need to slow down and appreciate things more. I'm constantly on the go and it really takes a toll on my bank account, my health and, most importantly, my sanity. 

1. Budgeting - this is an area where I really need to get it together. I've been on a spending spree for months and it needs to stop. I'm spending far too much money on eating out, drinking and shopping. 

Turning off notification emails from probably didn't help either. When I'm doing bad with money, I hate reminders. I need to get back into using Mint so I can actually see where all my money is going.

This isn't my account, just a preview of how awesome Mint is for those of you who haven't heard of it :)

2. Meal Planning - Planning meals ahead of time sorta piggy backs off of budgeting. Mainly because I spend the majority of my paycheck on dining out. Planning meals for the week ahead of time, grocery shopping and cooking dinner at home is a sure way to soften the blow to my credit card bill every month. Not to mention, it helps me from going to the closest fast food joint and scarfing down a ball of grease. If you're anything like me, cute lists always help when it comes to meal planning. This new one I found today matching my planner so it's a double win!
3. Working out - this girl needs to get up in the gym and work on my fitness. For awhile I was really good about making time for the gym. I could attempt to blame it on the fact that my gym is primarily older people and it's hard to get into some of the classes when they are blasting 60s music that I've never heard of, but that's no excuse. I need to go consistently in order to find an instructor that works for me. That, or switch gyms. My excuses will not work on myself anymore! 
4. Slow down -  More than anything, I need to slow down. I don't need to go to every party or night out. Sometimes all I need is to stay home, do my laundry and catch up on my shows. If I had to pick something that bothers me the most lately, it's my lack of having time to myself to do the things I enjoy doing, such as relaxing with a glass of vino and watching trash tv. Oh, Bravo how I miss thee!
Here's to being happier and healthier in 2014!

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