Wednesday, January 8, 2014

One day I'll be a better blogger..

Time to play my favorite game that takes place every 3 months, catch up!

One of my new years resolutions should have been to keep up with my blog, but I'm even late with making a list of resolutions. Sense a pattern?

Over the past month, I took a few road trips that allowed me to explore the cities of South Florida, Charleston, Asheville & Nashville. More details on everything I did while on vacation will come in a later post. I got to do so many new things and I'm excited to share!
I also spent the month of December taking my sweet nephew to all of my favorite places that get me him in the Holiday spirit. Luckily, Orlando has a lot of locations that will do just that.
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  1. Is that Belle Meade plantation I see? It is one of my favorite spots in Nashville!

  2. Welcome back :)

    I wish I could just whisk away and travel that much, looks like an amazing trip. I've been wanting to get up to Charleston, looks so beautiful.