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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

5-year plan

Remember me?
I know, it's been awhile.
I haven't really been in the blogging mood as of late. 
Surely that happens to other bloggers from time-to-time, at least I hope I'm not alone. 

My Thanksgiving break update will be coming soon, but I've been thinking a lot about my goals over the past few days. 
I figured why not write them down so I would be accountable to someone, if only myself.
I've always believed having a goal is important. Writing it down helps keep you motivated.

"Goals are dreams with deadlines"

Become a homeowner  
People think I'm picky. To be fair, I am. 
But I don't need a mansion or 5 car garage to make me happy.  
However, I would like a newer home with 3-4 bedrooms & a large closet.
Ideally, I'd like a 5th bedroom to turn into a closet but beggars can't be choosers.
or so I've heard... ;)

Buy a new car
A Lexus IS 250 has been my dream car for as long as I can remember, 
other than that silver eclipse with a teal under light that I swore I would have one day.
Sure, a Lexus is pricey but I feel like it would be the type of car that you wouldn't need to trade in every few years. 
Simply put, it's worth the money!
I won't be absolutely heartbroken if this car doesn't make it into my 5 year plan, but this has always been on my dream list. 
The new Hyundai Sonata or Mazda CX-7 would easily put a smile on my face :)

Marriage & a baby carriage
During this time, I hope to have an amazing wedding, but more importantly, an incredible marriage. 
I'd also like to become a first time mommy shortly after that.

Pay off my student loan
I still have 9 years to go, but with the help of borrowing from my Mom's 401k in 1 1/2, 
I'll be able to pay it off interest free - which reduces the entire loan by 40%.
I know, interest is the root of all evil in my life.

& to fund it all..

I love my job, really I do. I love the company, the culture and everyone I work with.
Only downfall is that I struggle with money constantly. 
My hope is that I'll have the ability to transfer departments to something that helps me grow and allows me to learn. 
I've only been at my job for year and a half, but I'm definitely ready for more of a challenge.

My dream has and probably always will be to work at a non-profit for childhood cancer or missing children.
It's my passion and if I was ever given the opportunity to do either, I'd jump at the chance.

There you have it - the goals I want to accomplish in the next 5 years?
Do you have any tips for staying motivated in reaching your goals?


  1. Really great goals. I hope you reach all of them!

  2. You can do them all girl! I have faith in you : )

  3. This is a perfect list of goals. You got this! :)

  4. Can I just steal this and post it on my page? Those are legit all of my "near" future goals!
    I'm so impatient!

  5. Praying that all of your dreams come true!! And girrrl you would look HOTT driving that Lexus. It needs you, it really does.

  6. Love this post!
    coming across your blog for the first time and it's pretty much the perfect little introduction :) Love your sincere heart... such great goals and dreams!
    XO Angela

  7. Great goals!!! I wrote my goals on my blog two years ago and have accomplished all but one....its pretty powerful when you write it down and they become tangible. You can do it!!!

  8. Love that house! Looks ready for me to move in too! ;-)


  9. I'm turning 27 next month and all of your goals are on my 5 year plan!! Good luck in reaching your goals! Tip: Have you heard of inspiration boards? You should look into making one - seeing a visual of the things you want in your life (make it fancy and put it in a frame in your bedroom!) will be a wonderful daily reminder! xo