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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving Staycation

It's been one week since Thanksgiving has past. 
I think that's the proper time to update you on what I was up to during the break.

You see, my office was closed Wed-Fri, plus the usual Sat & Sun.
Needless to say, Monday was shell shock for me.
Boy was it a nice break, though.

On Tuesday, we had a breakfast potluck. 
The pictures don't do it justice, but the food was INCREDIBLE.
There clearly are some hidden chefs roaming around the office.
On Wednesday, I was able to finish all of my errands & housework during the day,
which left the night wide open.
Bonus points for me!

My Sister and I took the munchkin to the fair.
He was only tall enough for 3 rides, but he still loved it.
We also played the ball game and won 5 fish!
One died the day we put it in the tank. RIP Goldie.

After the fair, I met up with Kate and her hubby for some Chilis 2-4-1.
You just can't go wrong with that special AND chips & salsa.
I could go for some of that right about now.
 Thursday was, of course, Thanksgiving. 
Holidays are always a bit hectic in my family.
Mainly because we split the time between both sides of the family and my Mema lives 2 hours away. 
We did the usual lunch with my Dad's side of the family.
But this year opted for Cracker Barrel with my Mema. 
It's half way for the both of us and Mema doesn't have to cook & clean. 
After everything she has been going through, it was a Win/Win.

Little did I know, Cracker Barrel didn't take reservations and it was a 2-hour wait.
We ended up across the street at a Perkins for Thanksgiving, hah.

My expectations were less than high since I had never been there before.
Scratch that, I was grossed out.
I ordered Chicken Fingers, fries and mashed potatoes.
Not our typical Thanksgiving meal, but my idea of perfection.
Much to my surprise, it was delicious!

Once we got home, Justin and I headed to a local bar for some cocktails. 
Kate & my old friend, Jon joined us and a fierce game of Drink While You Think ensued.
also known as Celebrity Name Game, or my obsession.
Oh, Saturday.
Then we get to you.

Down here in the sunshine state, there is no bigger rival than FSU vs UF.
To me, it's bigger than any game, including the Superbowl.
I had a blast watching the game with great friends, but the Noles were less than thrilling.
The Noles still, and always will, have my heart <3
They needed a break... we'll scalp em next year ;)
 Sunday was just what I needed, babysitting my Nephew and catching up on my shows.
Besides a quick grocery shopping trip, I didn't leave the house.

There is my Thanksgiving Staycation in a nutshell.
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well! 


  1. Breakfast potluck?! Yum!! I LOVE your hair!!

  2. HAHAHAHAHA, Girrrrrrl you've got jokes "They needed a break... we'll scalp em next year ;)" - Hilarious!