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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Weekend Update

Weekend update post is up late, as per usual.

On Friday, I picked up my super sweet Nephew from daycare and went to Chick Fila
so he could play and, more importantly, Aunt Stephy could eat ;)
Saturday I went Christmas shopping. Crossed my lil man off the list!
I spent the rest of the day watching The Newlywed Game & Family Feud. 
Who knew that the update version of The Newlywed Game was so dirty?
After a mediocre attempt of Smore's at my Mom's house, Justin and I went to my new found 
favorite restaurant, Bahamas Breeze, for dinner. I'm seriously obsessed with their Sangria, Coconut Shrimp 
& Wood Grilled Chicken Breast with yellow rice & broccoli. To.die.for. 
Then we headed to meet up with Justin's friends from work at Prato on Park Ave. 
We ended up taking the party to a local irish bar for car bombs before heading back to his friends house that 
resulted in drunk skateboarding while being pulled by a dog. 
Needless to say, there were a lot of laughs :)
We both woke up feeling less than superb. 
We spent lunch with Justin's parents and then I went to see my Nephew.
He wanted to go on a bike ride to 7/11 & since I can't say no to that sweet face, I agreed. 
Let's just say, I about died after I returned.
Note to self: Don't go biking while hungover. 

Justin and I spent the rest of the night eating pizza on the couch watching movies.
Tip: If you haven't seen Catch Me If You Can. Do it, now.
It's an incredible movie!

That's all she wrote!


  1. Sounds like you had a super fun weekend hun <3 Your nephew is absolutely adorable! Oh and I'll keep that in mind. The whole no biking while your hungover thing! lol

    I tagged you in a link up! I hope you do it! Heres the Link in case you do...

    xo <33

  2. 1. Your nephew is a DOLL!! So stinking cute.
    2. That restaurant sounds amaze-balls.
    3. I would have LOVED to see a skateboard being pulled by a dog hahaha. Love it!!

  3. Haha too hilarious about hungover biking - been there!

  4. I adore that white blouse!!! I've been looking for a nice crisp one just like that for far too long now.

    P.S. I nominated you on my page for the "Very Inspiring Blogger Award"
    Hope you check it out & enjoy :)