Thursday, December 20, 2012

Photo Dump

I've been busy. Really busy. 
So I decided to catch you up with some photos.

I've either been babysitting...
Having fun with friends at the Magic game..
Painting my new office at work, going to dinner for friends birthdays...
FYI: If you let me pick my wall color, I'm obvi going to pick pink ;)
At my office Christmas party, or my boyfriends work Christmas party..


Saying goodbye to my longtime favorite neighborhood bar that officially closed down last night :(
Here is a few snap shots of our new office. 
I love all the artwork that they did, but I'm still getting used to my individual office.
I'm directly next to a conference room that has had a lot of traffic the past few days. 
Since I have a floor to ceiling glass window directly to my right, I'm basically a window model for the people in the conference room. Trying to get used to that :(
And that's all :)

Hopefully I'll be back to regular posting soon!


  1. I want to see finished pictures of your office!!

  2. PINK WALL?!?! You officially have the best office of life.
    Also, what happened to Pretzies? :(