Friday, December 7, 2012

The Nail Files

Since I'm going to visit one of my pink loving girlfriends in Dallas this weekend, 
I figured I had to paint my nails appropriately. 

I give you Essie, off the shoulder.
This color is the perfect 'Barbie Pink'.
I love it.
When I get home, I have to remove the extra polish on my middle finger that this photo just pointed out to me.

What color are you flashin' on your nails today?
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  1. You're right, it does look like the perfect Barbie Pink! I have Wet n Wild's Sugar Coat right now :)

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested. :)

  2. I just saw this at Ulta on sale and thought about getting it. I love it!

  3. I love this pink! It's perfect!