Thursday, November 1, 2012

Saw it. Pinned it. Did it.

Honestly this is so easy that it shouldn't even be allowed in this category.
I was excited to join the new link up over at A Beautiful Mess so I documented this quick DIY craft. 

Every time I go to a party, my present never fits in a bag and I always forget a bow.
Instead of being plain, I found this neat idea via Pinterest and decided to try it out. 
1. What you'll need: Present, scissors, wrapping paper & tape.
2. Wrap the gift as you usually would.
3. Cut an additional piece, fold it in half, cut it into strips and then curl each strand the same way that you would curl ribbon.
4. Tape it on the present & voila!
So if you're ever in a bow bind, check out this tutorial to help give your present a little spunk ;)

You can find me on Pinterest here!


  1. Great idea! I so never thought of that!!

  2. What a cute idea!! Definitely trying that this Christmas :) Anddd you have a new Pinterest follower!!