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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Glam Bag

Look what I f i n a l l y got :)
My very first Glam bag!
This Glam Bag was a total 180 from when I used to subscribe to Birchbox. 
The products they sent were ones that I would actually use. Win. 
And, there were no health bars in it. Double win. 

Let's take a look, shall we?

1.) First and foremost, the bag is just adorable. Shockingly, it's good quality, too. I was expecting a cheap plastic bag type thing, but this is you typical make up bag that you would purchase. You get a different bag every month filled with awesome products. If you're not in love already, just wait...
2.) Be a Bombshell Onyx Eyeliner worked extremely well for me. I use pencil on my bottom, but this was perfect for my top liner. You can make it as thin or thick as you want. The application was smooth and dark with one swift motion. 
3.) The Balm What's your type? Black Mascara. It lengthened my eyelashes and made them thicker. Exactly what a Mascara is supposed to do so I was sold instantly. I'm going to check on the full size price of this one for future purchases.
4.) Mirenesse Lip Bomb #4. This is a very thick/bright stain for your lips. You'll definitely get a ton of use out of it because you only need a little bit to cover your full lip. At first, I put way too much on but now I'm getting the hang of it. I top it with my favorite gloss just to lighten the color a bit and I'm ready to go. The color is beautiful & it stays much longer than any other stain I've used. If you're like me and hate reapplying your lip color every 30 minutes, I would definitely suggest trying this out. 
5.) Coastal Scents Eyeshadow 4-pack. I haven't had the chance to try these out just yet. I do love how you can create your whole eye look with just the 4 colors they send you. 
6.) Couture Colour hair treatment oil. My hair only gets washed twice a week, sometimes less (I know, embarrassing) so I haven't given this a try yet. Moroccan Oil is my jam right now so it may be awhile. I'll have to do more research to see what the exact recommended use is for it. Stay tuned for what I find after my weekly wash ;)

I got ALL of this for only $10. You seriously cannot beat that.
The best part was that I signed up after this month's glam bags already went out but I had mine within 2-weeks of signing up. 
I'm officially a fan of Glam Bag. After my disappointing days with Birchbox I was reluctant to give another monthly beauty box a try but I'm so glad I did!
Thank you to Whitney for giving me the nudge I needed to sign up.
If you wanna sign up, you can do so here :)


  1. Looks super cute! I'm getting more and more sold! :)

  2. The bag looks so cute! :) I'll check out Glambag!

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested :)

  3. Cute! I'm signed up on the site but I haven't decided to for sure get it yet. I wanted to give birchbox til December but maybe it's just not worth it!

  4. Hmmm, I may have to look into this. I too was disappointed with Birchbox and canceled my membership after several months. Thanks for the info!

  5. haha, no protein bars (AMAZING) does anyone ever actually eat those things? lol. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest outfit post and style column for xo

  6. Yessss!! Love the Glam Bag train wayyyy more than the Birchy. No bars that taste like dirt, win!! If only there were little bottles of alcohol.. Wait, did I just come up with a million dollar idea?

  7. I actually tried out birch box and glambag.. At first I was completely in love with both. But then birchbox just wasn't doing it for me. They started giving me pointless products that I would never use. Plus I was falling in love with Glambag. So I dropped Birchbox. Then after about a year of having glambag they started doing the same thing as birchbox. The products got cheapier and the bags just got worse. After getting about 5 products of samples I would only get 3. They all seemed like left over products that no one would use. They are under new management now, so That is probably why its pretty good now. Lets see, I may just sign up again. Thank you for the product reviews <33