Friday, October 19, 2012

The Nail Files

While I was browsing Target the other day for anything that I just "had" to have,
imagine my surprise when I stumbled across e.l.f nail polish. 
Target usually only has a small collection of e.l.f products so I've been forced to order the majority of things online.
Not this time! 
I quickly grabbed this nail polish and headed home to get painting. 
The color looks darker in person but with natural light or a flash, it's a pretty purple. 
Here is what I think about e.l.f nail polish:
1. The color comes out smooth and beautiful
2. The nail polish is thick. You'll be good to go with 2 coats (& I like my nail polish extremely thick)
3. The applicator could use a little work. I found it difficult to get far down on my nail bed without touching my cuticles because the applicator is pretty thick. 
4. With the use of Seche Vite base coat & OPI's rapid dry top coat, the color stayed on for 5 days. In my world, that's one for the books!
5. The dry time is pretty quick also. Always a plus!
6. At only $2, it's right up my alley. They have a ton of colors online to choose from too :)

Do you guys have any favorite nail polish that works amazing but doesn't have a huge price tag attached?


  1. You forgot to mention how cute that bottle is. Just me? Ok.

  2. Two dollars?!? What a steal! And the colour is amaaaaaazing!!

  3. This is an awesome purple. I've never tried ELF polishes. One I have used recently with a low price tag is Sinful Colors Winterberry.

  4. Very good color! I haven't tried ELF, I usually just do Essie. But I rarely buy colors so the price doesnt hurt me as much.

  5. I used my first ELF nail polish a couple weeks ago and I really like it. And I LOVE that purple!

  6. This purple looks amazing!

  7. Loving this deep purple color:) For only $2 how can you pass this one up?!?

  8. $2 dollars really? That is all dang! That is good. I am so gonna have to make a Target run just to check out the colors & grab a few :)

  9. I just got elf nail polish too and love it!! I really like this purple color! I'll have to look online for more colors because my Target only had about 6 (:

  10. Great find! I've yet to see elf nail polish at Target just a few items so tend to order online. Tara said they got a new formula so I may have to give them another try :)

  11. i love the color! perfect for fall!

  12. Purple is my favorite! I heart ELF products :)