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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Final Goodbye

I'm back from an emotionally and physically draining weekend. 
Well, I actually got back yesterday but was just not in the blogging mood. 
My emotions are still a little whacked out.

All I wanted to do was relax, but instead I ended up planning the entire funeral, I did the grocery shopping, made the slideshow, created the programs and bookmarks, took my Mema shopping for an outfit and did my best to organize the reception. 

When all this happened what I needed was to be with family.
Whoever says you can never have enough family time has never met my family.
While I love them, it's exhausting putting up with everyone's personalities
and the amount of people is just overwhelming in itself.

We spent many hours before bed telling stories about my Papa's life
and the memories that we each shared about him.
It's exactly what he would have wanted.
It's amazing how looking at photos & hearing stories of a long and happy life can bring you peace.

The funeral itself was beautiful and you could really feel the love.
My speech was difficult to get through but I enjoyed listening to everyone else's stories.

I don't have all the photos right now because my phone was MIA the majority of the weekend and other than the photos that other people took, I barely took pictures.
My Grandparents wedding song was the final song played at the service.
They truly do have an amazing love story.
I'm so thankful for everything they both have brought to my life.

I will love and miss you forever, Papa. 


  1. My heart goes out to you, sweet girl. The hurt of losing someone is one that never gets easier. Sending up prayers for you!!

  2. Just teared up reading this! Love you.

  3. so sorry for your loss, hope things begin to look up soon and you can be happy with all the sweet memories.