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Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Update

As always, I picked up my sweet Nephew from school on Friday. Later that evening, my boyfriend and I went to Chilis for dinner, came home began watching 20/20 while waiting to figure out what to do that night and fell asleep. I was a happy girl because this is exactly the kind of Friday that I always want but it just never seems to happen.

On Saturday we woke up early, dropped my car off to get an alignment & oil change, went to my BF's parents house, my Aunt's house and my Mom's house to visit with everyone. 

It was ridiculously beautiful this weekend here in Orlando so I had to snap a photo of the pretty weather.
My little cousin had to decorate a bear and I had flashbacks of when I did the very same thing back in my day. Of course her bear would be reppin' Garnet & Gold. What cool bear wouldn't be? I  only helped with the final touches but it definitely brought back memories. 
We had a local fair in town this weekend. My Mom and I took my Nephew to the fair and he absolutely fell in love with it. My big boy went on 3 different rides :) Love him <3
Around 8, they left and my boyfriend & friends came up for some fun. We played Bingo, drank wine, danced along with the band. 
We finalized our costume shopping on Sunday. Danny & Sandy here we come! :) 
My Mom and I caught some AMAZING deals at the Mall which made me extremely happy. 
After cooking this amazing Chicken Piccata recipe and watching 'Failure to Launch' it was off to bed for this girl.
Today it's back to the work week.
Luckily for me, it's girls night tonight so I have something to look forward to :)


  1. yay for girls night, makes monday much better!

  2. I love that cute costume idea! Its always so hard to find a good couples costume!

    Stopping by from the link-up!


  3. Looks like great weather where you live! Its cold and rainy in N. California-Fall has arrived!



  4. Ahhh you're a Florida blogger too?! So glad I found you! I'm from Ocala! I hope we can be blog buddies. I'm always looking for local bloggers! These photos are too cute. :)



  5. i need a girl's night asap, hope you had a fun one!

    this makes me sad that i don't have a costume planned out. i think i won't be dressing up this year :( can't wait to see your costumes!

    and you're gorgeous!!