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Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Fantasy Land

We've been looking at houses for about a year now. We, meaning my boyfriend. 
He's the pickiest person to please when it comes to home buying. He doesn't understand that cosmetic issues, such as paint color should not form your opinion of a house. I keep trying to remind him that those things are the easiest to change. 

I suppose the excitement of owning a home is similar to getting a big girl job. 
You think you're going to be dressing like you just walked off the Express runway in your cute little pencil skirts, when in reality I come to work dressed like a bum 80% of the time.
Similarly, I have all these dreams about what I would do to a house, but who knows that I would ever have the money or patience to complete it. 
My excuse for not fully decorating our apartment is because it's too temporary.
There is no point in hanging a ton of photos on the wall and painting every room in the place, only to patch the holes and repaint before we move in a years time.

After signing another 6 month lease last week, we came across a house in my dream neighborhood. It was love at first sight - at least for me. After some begging, Justin agreed to take a look at it.
Long story short, an offer was signed yesterday and we're officially in the wait period.
There were multiple offers in which scares me. The only thing giving me hope is that he offered more than the asking price.

*Fingers crossed*

I haven't allowed myself to get excited that this could be it until I came across some Pinterest photos today.
Now I'm clinging to every shred of hope that they accept it.

Here's some decorating inspiration I found today via Pinterst

The kitchen is probably the most expensive part of the house to update. It may take awhile to make it perfect, but it can be done. Slow & steady wins the race. 
I usually LOVE dark cabinets with a coordinating backsplash and granite, like this kitchen below:
But this white kitchen is soft & elegant
With just a few small upgrades the master bathroom can turn into a sanctuary of vanities and bubble baths. 
I'm a photo fanatic and I've always wanted a wall of photos. I'd most likely put this in the dining or living room.
How adorable are both of these spare bathrooms?
I'm with patterned accent walls. Sure it might be a little difficult to create, but I"m up for the challenge. I mean just look at how beautiful she is. 
My closet would obviously look exactly like this. 
Decorating in white always gives a room a classier feel.
Like, here..
There ya have it, a list of things that have been keeping my attention today.

I could be decorating a home for Christmas.
How incredibly awesome would that be?


  1. You can probably pull all these designs for an inexpensive price! Just go to Ikea! I went a few weekends ago, and I am sooooo in love with everything they have! I'll be crossing my fingers for you guys to get the house of your dreams too! Gooood Luck <333

  2. OMG, I literally gasped at the white kitchen and spare bathrooms! I need some home renovations in my future!