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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Free Organization Printable List!

Fun fact about yours truly: Organization makes me happy!
This doesn't just pertain to having my clothes color coordinated, oh no no no. 
Being on time is in my nature. I'm also that girl that is a stickler to plans.
If I say I'm going to do something, I hold myself to it. 

Something that keeps me organized is my love of planners. 
I just recently got this new planner from Maybooks to help me stay organized in 2013. 
Obsessed may be an understatement. It's lightweight so it can stay with me at all times, 
which is something I couldn't say about my Lilly Agenda from last year. 

In addition to my life planner, I also have a work calendar that helps me stay in the know about campaign end dates and any meetings that I have to attend. 
Would it shock you if I said that I also have one on the fridge at home? Well, I do. 
This one is just a reminder of birthdays or events. It helps keep the boyfriend in the know of events that he also needs to attend.

& there is nothing I love more than a sassy multi colored to-do list.
When things are pretty, I tend to look at them more.
To be honest, I make a to-do list daily using a sticky note.
It could be for groceries I need to pick up, recipe instructions, chores, or anything I may need a reminder for. 
This morning, I found a new cute to do list that I decided to add to my organization collection. 
I immediately printed it out and folded it to fit in my planner.
Next time, I think I'll adjust the size so folding won't be necessary. 
You can download this list or browse the rest of her collection here

I took it upon myself to organize a list of some other free printable lists that I could find on the blog-o-sphere.
You can find a cute and simple to do list here

This blog has every different kind of list that you can think of.
Menu plan, wedding list, course schedule, clutter prevention and so many others!

Kayla's blog has an amazing blog planner to help you organize post ideas, guest posts and project lists.

Personally, my favorite hails from this site.
You can find a monthly calendar, meal planner, shopping list and weekly planner on in the same theme. She has a ton of themes to choose from and if you are just looking for a yearly calendar, you can print out all of 2013 for FREE!
I hope 2013 is the year that we all get and STAY organized :)


  1. You just saved my organizational life!! Ahhh. These are great!

  2. Literally, JUST posted something almost identical to this. I too am a PLANNER FREAK.
    I practically ripped open my May Book when it arrived (I was without a planner for over a week) Harrssshhhh :(

  3. Thanks for sharing! My Lily planner is so heavy! and takes up a lot of room

  4. Maybooks are a serious weakness. They have too many cute options to choose between!

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